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  1. Dunard

    Root T-Mobile SM-G360T with Android 5.1.1

    I having a problem getting the ROOT install on this version. I had to use KingROOT because of the others will not install correct. The others will freezes up my boot screen and causes my phone making noises. The problem with the KingROOT is the su doesn't have all the supports. For example. SD...
  2. Dunard

    Root TWRP / LG MS500

    Why my phone reset to default settings after backup? I had to reinstall all the apps that I had on the phone. It like erase the settings and apps without any wipes while doing backup. Unless I'm doing something wrong. It doesn't do that on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7-inch Wifi. Weird...
  3. Dunard

    Root I found the LGMS500 open source. (From the OpenSource Code Distribution) This should get people going porting this into CyanogenMod source tree. I don't know it be any help or not.
  4. Dunard

    Root Boot Animations

    Is there any boot animations for this phone?