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    Great advantages and deals for this tablet.

    Is sold at TMobile and its subsidiary Metro. Let's focus on the latter: 1. If you already have service, you can add one for each phone line you already have. Costs you $50 and $10 monthly unlimited. 2. By porting in you can have completely free 2 phones + this tablet @ $100 month plus free...
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    Requesting dedicated thread for ZTE Blade 10 Prime

    Has high medium/ low flagship specs, including NFC(which most sites erroneously deny), and is available for next to nothing- depending on deal $20 to $100ish to 200ish. It's by far the cheapest close to flagship phone from amongst all carriers, and cheaper than most budget offerings.
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    Requesting a dedicated forum Visible cellular carrier, a Verizon subdivision, it's the best prepaid

    Way better than Metro, and I stand by that. There's a lot of conflicting info about it on the web, I'm willing to do an extensive write-up.
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    Help Text & Call glitches

    Post patch: Data connection drops fixed(although with very high latency at times), BUT NOW: 1. Things come and go in bunches: some calls don't come in...later on a bunch of missed calls appear. Ditto texts, which also take forever to send AND my recipients receive dozens of copies of each text...
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    Wish List - Zmax Pro 2

    Very unlikely, Axon 7 not that far ahead spec-wise. Anywho: Increase 6'', whatever little bit ok. Ditto Resolution. Ditto Ram. Ditto Storage. OTG NFC IR Removable Battery. Native support for Tmo Digits. The next version upgrade of Band Aggregation. Unlocked Bootloader. Your thoughts?
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    Friendly Phone Unlock Tip

    Both Tmo & Metro preinstall a Device Unlock app. On Metro- after passing 90 days of consecutive service w/o arrears - open the app and follow instructs. It's super easy and almost Instantaneous.
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    Help Metro Pcs @ ZTE ZMAX Pro Network Connection Trip Report: Amtrak- NY to VA

    WHY: Phone suffers connection problems(NYC). This is counterbalanced by the fact that when it is connected, the speeds are incredibly outstanding. Before exchanging, curious to see how it performs in other areas during this pre-planned train trip. PS disconnects fairly infrequent with LTE Off...
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    Root Immediate Fixes needed IF Root EVER arrives

    EDIT POST - SOFTWARE UPDATE - Scrolling has become very buggy. During calls: Notification dropdown STILL overlays phone dialer screen AND / OR screen goes dark, this especially interferes with automated prompts... has occurred from Day 1. Those of you who've enabled VOLTE CALLING, may have...
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    Unlimited Uncapped Tether threads

    I want to go on record opposing all these type topics. NOTHING good can come of it / we're ALL going to suffer eventually. First of all, the fixes are nothing new... they can be found "across the street" for all models / carriers ad nauseum. Those threads there are ongoing for years... the...
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    Special: $20(free ship) Spare battery + charging cradle BL-51YF is the one you want.
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    Big Mouths rejoice! Seriously, start keeping track now.
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    Ur pertinent thoughts re Folio Case

    Any issues, complaints, compliments. I'll start with: In-pocket case can open enough to trigger lockscreen on, then case cover recloses... repeatedly. When Lockscreen on, it keeps telling the case cover that its fingerprint not recognized, then to wait xx seconds before retrying... After so...
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    Help Anyone enduring issues w/ leather folio?

    Phone inside closed case(in pocket or upside down when set down*) = Alarms and/or Calls: no sounds or blocked completely. Inside 'open' case seems to alleviate issues. * when right-side up, after extended use, the cover(& thus its inner magnet) may not make full contact with phone - screen...
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    Quick Charger 3.0 @ $7.49

    Amazon, ripped from SlickDeals: IF you use coupon code $8.49. And I'm factoring further $1(future credit) by selecting No Rush Shipping.
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    Help Is Cricket Paygo still available?

    I have a Cricket phone waiting to activate, just to park a number for a while... but I can't find anything. Thanks. PS I see AT&T has- i could buy their sim... and turn off data + not give out # on the 25 cent per min to keep it cheap...
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    Accessories Anyone get their free case yet?

    And if so, by what carrier? And does it accommodate phone with heavy duty guard on? Thanks.
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    Critique this Metro APN please.

    Basically fast.metro BUT all other Tmo settings + all possible APN types - no hipri - plus IMS + IPV4&6 default & roaming. AND update E-911 address within My Metro App after buying new phone, or even just reseting current one. ¿This should eliminate any connectivity issues?
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    Anyone find the $5 Value Bundle attractive?

    Seems like you can do all the following for free with other apps n methods? Value Bundle FAQs What is Value Bundle? Value Bundle includes 5 great Services for only $5. The features included in the Value Bundle are the following: Call Forwarding: Forward calls from your cell phone to any...
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    Help Lose network frequently.

    EDIT, SEMI-FIX: switch to LTE Off. Cons - higher Latency(at times, not too many though, can seem like a cannot connect) & HSPA(or lower) vs LTE. Calling voice quality suffers / streaming can stutter at times. Pros - zero-INFREQUENT disconnects. Phone just loses network after extended...
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    Root Here's link 4 best variant SELinux MC

    Same dev, best results on Marshmallow devices. If you want to get it on xda, go to post 392, not the initial link.
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    Root Unlock your bootloader @ Developer Options

    The usual... Go tap the Build Number seve(n)(ral) times, and tick Unlock Bootloader.
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    Help List of things that need dev work

    Network timeout. Feels like a hipri or modem sleep / resource conservation issue. I added new APN that disappeared, likely repeat of the System read only issue. Icons are just too huge...bigger than on that Jitterbug senior phone. The tap 2-3 times to magnify causes problems when you tap...
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    Reasons to buy ZTE ZMAX PRO

    PS purchase alert- Suggested retail price is $179. You will pay this when buying a replacement "within 90 days of purchase"...(or give up # / get a new line). Many will eschew insurance, given the usual deductible + this low promo price. Keep in mind... OK... The main intent here is to...
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    Exact Total Price Handset Purchase Scenarios for Metro PCS

    In spite of Label, I am NOT sure these days, so trying to collect exact info for everyone's benefit. Expect to pay IN STORE $99 + tax + $15 upgrade fee + $15 activation fee irrespective of whether you provide previous handset's sim. Save that $30 by purchasing AND activating ONLINE. Re...
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    Help Tether complete cutoff after limit reached?

    MODS, if you'd rather this be part of another existing thread, feel free. Anyone on unlimited plan getting Tether disabled after reaching limit? It's been that you can still Hotspot, albeit in throttled mode. Now it is not WiFi detected by other devices, even in Allow All mode. I hit the...