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    Nexus 4 builds

    will this be like the galaxy nexus with different builds depend on where you buy it as with the galaxy nexus depending on its build, made for different timing for updates,, hoping this nexus is not like that,,
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    yakju steps simplified??

    does anyone have the steps to change to yakju in a real simple form or maybe even a vid? never ever rooted before so would like to try this first step.. is there a way of doing it without going into dos prompts? i have canadian GSM version on 4.0.1 and running win7 64 bit...
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    in call volume

    I can not seem to find where to adjust in call volume going out(as people say it sounds like im hollaring) is there any way to adjust this?? thanks
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    breakdown of the android user

    Infographic: 18% of Android users have an "unusually large head" | apperently some of us have big heads,,,
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    LTE versus Non LTE

    seems to me the US LTE version has alot of bugs to work out,, My Canadian Non LTE version works just fine, Batt life is awesome, signal strength is great i still think LTE in general has a long way to go,,myself I will stay away from it for a couple years,,, now that being said, im coming...
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    Nexus/ICS.. oh the wait

    Im getting this phone when it is finally released,, but does anyone feel like I do that the Google has failed with the marketing of this phone and operating system, seems they announce these items... comming soon,,, then nothing,, there is one thing apple wins at,, they announce product and...
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    2.2 is now available on Cap in canada

    now i get Kies error trying to download it,, it just never ends,, grrr
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    Accessories captivate case

    since I have dropped my phone twice now (and despite what others have said, it survived very nicely) but I am now looking for a protective case,, looking for something thats not bulky,and reduce wear and tear, and help protect from dust, as most often it is carried in my pocket,,, so something...
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    Help no SIM, no SD

    no sd, no sim,, no workie,, I understand the phone wouldnt work,, but i atleast the media player and other stuff would work,, but not with SE,, so any others want to try with no sim,, being interesting to see if it is a carrier thing,,, rogers canada
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    loving my new captivate,But!!

    loving this phone so far,, way more then i ever did the SE x10,,, but no skype,, wtf gives with that,,,
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    new to captivate

    so im getting my new captivate next week,, woohoo,, no more x10 any recommendations for a new user when i get it??
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    Help battery

    ok this morning as i was using the x10 to web surf with wifi and plugged into wall charger,, the battery level was decreasing, i find this unusual as my old iphone3g would charge while usung it plugged in,,, is this normal for the x10???
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    goodbye x10

    well its with mixed emotions i am giving up my x10,, its a good phone, that in another manufactures hands would have been a great phone, but sony in all there wisdom have done it again thanks to my carrier they have given me the opportunity to change my phone(with no hassle at all, which...
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    Does google need to be held accountable?

    need to be held accountable?? i think maybe,, I think google needs to tread carefully when issuing license to companies, as this issue with SE has really soured my mouth with the way android may be used and abused by such companies slow releases of existing operating system will...
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    new player in town

    looks like MS is on the ball,, include xbox products on there phone,,, maybe sony delayed so they could do the same with PS3,, damn i forgot what company I was talkn about forget that earlier sentence,, oh right im to be happy the phone works,,,
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    Help Skype

    when is it coming for the c10?