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  1. brettlewis

    Help Horrific Lag

    My friend got this tablet on day one due to my recommendation. He has been using it pretty frequently and it seems to be pretty laggy. I have tried changing a few dev settings for him to help nail down the problem but can't see to figure it out. Any recommendations on fixing this lag? He says...
  2. brettlewis

    Help Arizona and time problems

    Just a little warning to those living in Arizona with a galaxy nexus. Your phone time is probably wrong. Apparently ICS and/or the Galaxy Nexus and/or Verizon don't know how daylight savings time works here. Check the settings below: With network time on the phone is wrong: You have to change...
  3. brettlewis

    Help Audio Quality

    When compared to the audio quality of my 5 year old ipod classic, I'm pretty disappointed. I had the same issues with my OG droid and droid incredible where the audio coming out the AUX was just really quiet and doesn't have that extra punch that my ipod seems to have. When using...
  4. brettlewis

    How many of you got the $100 off?

    When I went in on launch day they told me there was no such deal, and if there was it would be automatically discounted in there system for my account. So how many of you were actually able to get that "$100" off for a 3g to 4g upgrade? (or dubmphone to 4g upgrade) Anyone think calling...
  5. brettlewis

    Help Reading already read emails in stock client

    I have been having an issue with my phone where I sync up a second email account with the standerd email client and as soon as it is read (on the phone, in outlook, online) it will dissapear from the phones inbox. I have read through all the settings and can't seem to find a solution online...
  6. brettlewis


    Not sure if this will catch any momentum, but I have a proposition on how to make sure verizon knows were upset about this launch. Its likely none of you are just not going to buy the phone because of verizons delay, so lets hit them somewhere else. At all phone launches they try to get...
  7. brettlewis

    Help Incredibly difficult to get GB

    Like the title? I thought it was punny. Anyways. Since the day that gingerbread came out I have been in a constant struggle trying to get it. The first time it was pushed to my phone everything seemed to be going good untill it said "restart to install" I clicked it, nothing happened. Well...
  8. brettlewis

    Dell Streak 5. New in box. Need to sell ASAP!

    $300 Included accessories: Original Box USB Cable A/C Charger Adapter MicroSD Card - 16GB SD Memory Card!!!! - Advanced Exchange Limited Warranty Initial Year - Dell Hardware Limited WarrantyInitial Year - 3.5mm Stereo headset with microphone and replaceable ear buds - Power...
  9. brettlewis

    *NEW* Dell Streak 5 UNLOCKED w/ 16gb sd

    I have a NEW UNOPENED Dell Streak 5. $390 It is listed here on swappa, but if you buy from me on phandroid we can bypass the swappa selling fee: Swappa (Android) For Sale: WFX821 Dell Streak 5 (AT&T) This is the best price for a new Dell Streak that I am aware of, and it comes with a...
  10. brettlewis

    Most confusing and awesome verizon experience replacing my phone.

    I decided to go the Verizon store today after getting a phone call that sounded a little tinny coming out the headset. On arrival I said "I think I am having problems with my phone" they took me to the counter, I said my speaker sounded a little tinny, and he said "where can I send the...
  11. brettlewis

    Help Link Contacts

    I have recently been helping my sister out getting her new thunderbolt working just right and have run into some issue that I never had on my thunderbolt with contact. I have synced her facebook account to her current contact successfully (after multiple trys) but am now having problems...
  12. brettlewis

    Dell Streak 5 (Unlocked) New In Box

    Just bought a new dell laptop and they offered a dell streak 5 to me at a discount. I can't use it cause I'm on Verizon so I thought I would see if anyone else needed a new in box unlocked dell streak 5.
  13. brettlewis

    Sync Contacts With Facebook Account

    My sister just got the HTC thunderbolt and I was helping her set it up when I ran into a problem. On my droid incredible It was pretty easy to go into a contract from my previous phone and select what I wanted to link it to, be it a gmail account, a facebook account, or even both. On the HTC...
  14. brettlewis

    Motorola Droid R2-D2

    I live about one block from one of the Verizon stores selling the Droid r2d2 edition at launch. I was wondering if anyone was interested in getting it that wouldn't be able to get to one of the select stores that night. I would be happy to buy it at full price and sell it for a little more...
  15. brettlewis

    Pre-order issues

    My brother pre-ordered the droid 2 online at and had some serious issues. The order never cleared the processing stage and verizon had told him it shipped. He went into a corporate store and they didnt seem to have any information on it. They were able to refund him and give him the...
  16. brettlewis

    Help Changing Gmail Account

    I recently changed the Google (gmail) account on my phone and am having some issues I want to re-download my apps under my new account but can't figure out how to do this since the apps I bought were purchased under the old account email. I also can't seem to sync my phone with facebook...
  17. brettlewis

    Help Change Gmail Account

    I'm looking to chnage my primary account for my android phone but am not looking to loose all my information while doing it. :D The gmail account i set up my first android phone with was really just a bin for all my other crazy emails to go to. I finally got to creating a real gmail account...
  18. brettlewis

    Help notifications and ringing - phone/message/email

    Over the last month I have had some very puzzling issues with my phone. On many occasions the phone will not vibrate (as I have defined in the settings) for messages or phone calls every time. I would say it does about 50% of the time, the other 50% it just shows it without any feedback. I...
  19. brettlewis

    Help Icons used in sense and incredible

    Has anyone found or compiled all the app icons that come stock with the incredible including the folders and shortcut icons? I want to replace my desktop icons with the icons used in sense and cant find them anywhere!
  20. brettlewis

    Twitter: Great App with unique GUI

    With dozens of twitter apps in the market it is becoming increasingly hard for people to find the app the suites all their needs. Since this is the first official twitter app, authored directly by twitter, there should be no surprise that this app gets the job done. However useful and functional...
  21. brettlewis

    Looking for app icons

    Is there a place I can download the android app icons as .ICO? I am trying to replace my osx folder icons these icons:
  22. brettlewis

    16gb Micro SD - $29 (AND MORE!)

    Amazon has a few different Micro Sd cards in their 70% off section right now including this 16gb one: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC $29.85 SanDisk 8GB microSDHC $11.91 Get them while you can!
  23. brettlewis

    Unnoticed Details

    I thought it would be interesting if people listed little detials that they notice about the phone that other might not of notcied. I got one myself that I thought was pretty cool once I noticed it. If you look at the optical trackpad in the right light, you can see that it is actually red to...
  24. brettlewis

    Droid Incredible Receives New Packaging

    "Starting tomorrow, shipments of the Droid Incredible will come pre-loaded with a 2GB SD card and quite possibly new
  25. brettlewis


    Recived a pm from a person with 0 post on this forum telling me to list my item on "" Google warned be about fake SSL certificates. Don't know of its legitimacy, but the account it came from was also banned from this site. Just be cautious as to PM's received.