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  1. silasp

    S22 Ultra touch screen unresponsive

    Good advice. Thank you.
  2. silasp

    S22 Ultra touch screen unresponsive

    Hi. The touch screen on my co-worker's S22 Ultra is very erratic. She has begun having problems with scrolling and touch response. I read somewhere about doing a forced reboot by pressing volume down and power buttons simultaneously. I don't want to recommend that unless I'm confident no harm...
  3. silasp

    Photos won't sync

    Hi. When I take a picture with my S23 Ultra it does not appear in Google Photos on my computer until the next day. With my old Note 10 I could go to Accounts and sync Google Photos but that option isn't available on the S23. Having to email pictures to myself in order to access them on my...
  4. silasp

    Remove contacts old number

    Hi. On my Note 8 I have a few contacts who have changed their phone numbers. I can go in and add the new numbers but I can't find a way to delete the old ones. When I Google the question all I get is info on how to delete an old contact but not just an old number. I'm sure I must be missing...
  5. silasp

    The Impossible Text

    I received a text from my wife yesterday that read "Great. Thanks." As I hadn't recently done anything worthy of her gratitude I replied "For what?". She then called me from the other room and asked what I meant and I told her I was replying to her text. She said she had not just sent me a text...
  6. silasp

    Ghost icons

    Hi. There is a faint image of my home screen icons visible in the background of every screen on my Note 8. It's not a huge problem but it is distracting. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? Thanks.
  7. silasp

    Strange download

    Hi. I received a notification from Download Manager that something called "start_here.html" has been downloaded onto my Galaxy Note 8. I can't find any clear info on what that is. Any thoughts?
  8. silasp

    My phone rings too long

    Hi. When I get a call from an unrecognized number on my Note 8 I let it go to voicemail. However, the phone rings about six or seven times before voicemail grabs it. That's way too long. I'd much rather four rings but, for the life of me, I cannot find a setting to adjust that. I've searched...
  9. silasp

    Odd appearances

    Hi. I've had two unusual items appear on my two Samsung devices in one day. This seems most suspicious to me because I just the other day read an article about some new Android malware. On my Galaxy Tab A an Android-like icon I've never seen appeared on my home screen labelled...
  10. silasp

    Unknown Messages app

    Hi. I have a Messages app on my Galaxy Note 8, a sort of rectangular white word balloon with three blue dots inside (see attachment) but I can't remember where it came from. I suspect it was preloaded but I can't find any info on it. I would appreciate any help in clarifying it's source. Thanks.