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    Root Rooting M070

    This method works if you already have a working Clockworkmod recovery. See Essential post-root things thread (recovery + key combo) thread for installation how-to. The problem is that M070 removes su binary and Superuser.apk at boot. The workaround I make is storing the su binary under another...
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    Root [Rom] [Stock] Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (M050)

    M050 changelog Lags quite a bit at first start (as always for C811) After removing stock apps and rebooting running smoothly. Credits go to brandennj for the extracted ROM. Installation: Skip this spoiler if you have already installed CWM. Flash
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    Root If you've updated to M050 and rooted

    No longer needed, the ROM is here [ROM] Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (M050) Thanks to brandennj. Old message: These commands will write the files to Internal Storage. After written, upload them so I can download and create M050 update for myself and guys with CWM recovery. Copy-paste these to adb shell...
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    Root [UPDATED, WORKS] CA-201L bootloader for recovery key combo

    So I finally managed to figure out what partition of CA-201L is responsible for recovery combo. When I flashed aboot partition it finally worked.
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    Root [Rom] [Stock] Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (M040)

    Problems: 1) Wi-Fi did not connect after password entered. Fixed by toggling Airplane mode. 2) USSD requests return messages in unknown language 3) In APN settings no "New APN" menu (APN can be set via "Offline SIM APN" converted to system app) thanks to ncdad1969's answer in this thread). 4)...
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    Root [Resolved] Need help from those who have stock C811

    Edit: the zipped ROM is ready. Thanks all that contributed.
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    Rejecting incoming calls and "SIM from unknown source" popup fix

    Hi. If anyone has issue with rejecting incoming or "SIM from unknown source" popup here's an app to fix these. C811ExtraSettings.apk If you installed my previous "C811 Call Blocking" app please uninstall it. Install this as a normal app. There are two switches. When "Enable non-Verizon SIM"...