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  1. ducky1979

    Root Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. I'm rocking an s3 now but my rooting roots will always be in the desire forum. Best wishes to all and best of luck for 2013
  2. ducky1979

    Root Just checking in

    Just wondering if any of the old crowd are still about? And wondering which device you upgraded to, if you have. I went for the s3, rooted it and running wanam lite on it. My Mrs is using my old desire so I still get to play about flashing on it.
  3. ducky1979

    Root [International] New Google Play

    google play 3.9.16 get it here includes the ability to modify your all apps list by deleting apps you no longer use.
  4. ducky1979

    Root app2sd

    is there a limit to how many apps you can move to sd, im getting 'not enough storage left'???
  5. ducky1979

    Root Benefits of flashing radio

    I'm thinking of flashing the latest radio but I'm just wondering what differences people noticed between the 2? I've got no problems with my current radio (gps, signal, wifi) its just in some areas I get no signal inside people's houses but a full one as soon as I step outside. I'm on...
  6. ducky1979

    Root Battery level increasing

    This is wierd, i had 18% battery left, put my phone in my pocket, got it out a few minutes later and it was 22%, put it away again and it went up to 25%! Not had that before. Its my spare battery, that isn't as good as the original one, but it is a branded htc one. It discharges loads faster...
  7. ducky1979

    Root ROM apk's

    When you copy apk's between roms do you have to copy the lib file also?
  8. ducky1979

    Root De clutter sd card

    Just a quick one chaps, if i remove alot of the crap from my sd and only put back my media, pics and needed/wanted files, when I reboot will the apps rebuild what files they need or am I better just starting from a complete fresh install?
  9. ducky1979

    Root RMD Recovery

    it seems there is an updated version of this recovery out, has anyone tried it yet? and is it worth a flash?
  10. ducky1979

    Root Running roms with custom mtd

    As I'm using custom mtd at the min, if i wanted to use any other rom that has its own hboot, can I just change my mtd to suit it best? Not that I will be leaving dgb its just something I was thinking of.
  11. ducky1979

    Root Damned notification prize

    I keep getting told I've won an ipad and iPhone through a notification, this has obviously been installed somewhere on my phone in stealth, does anyone know how I can rid this silly appleness from my beloved phone. It's doing my melon man.
  12. ducky1979

    Root will UOT theme still fit using 60mb system on dGb rom?

    just wondering if this will fit ok, ive got about 796kb free on system but ive cooked a nice theme but just wondering if anyone else has flashed one yet using the 60mb system size?
  13. ducky1979

    Anyone tried one of these before??

    just been looking on fleabay and seen these 3500mAh batteries, has anyone tried them?
  14. ducky1979

    Root Redux kernel to man u 1.4

    Just realised that I'm running redux's kernel, when I was sure I flashed man u's anywho, CPU still runs at min 128 but I'm wondering if I flash man u and the voltage script for man u will I see even better battery results? Battery at the min is excellent.
  15. ducky1979

    Root Redux 2

    Had anyone any info about an updated Rom yet, I know the dev was doing exams, just wondering what's in the pipeline that's all. I'm still torn between redux and miuixj. Can't make my mind up.
  16. ducky1979

    Root Package file invalid?

    Tried updating my apps yet everyone I download comes up with this error. Has anyone else had this and does anyone know how to fix it?
  17. ducky1979

    Root Miui batteru

    I used to get amazing battery life from miui but after going back to it after a break I'm using 5% an hour, I just took it out of my pocket with 94% left and all I've done is sent 3 texts and loaded phandroid app and its gone down to 88% in literally 10mins, that can't be right can it, I've...
  18. ducky1979

    Root Miui 1.7.15

    I've installed this latest version of miui but my themes that I had on my older version say they need conversion before being applied, anyone else had this and is it still ok to use the themes?
  19. ducky1979

    Root flashed tom cm7 hboot!!

    well guys i did it, and it was a piece of pi## ha ha ha, ginga, any chance you can put on here a list of what your rom now contains please, im not sure what to take out and what to leave to get it to work on oxygen table.
  20. ducky1979

    Root Using fastboot

    Could someone please write down a list of how I fastboot flash the hboot, thank-you.
  21. ducky1979

    Root new market apk

    just got the new market apk, i havent tried it yet but if anyone wants to give it a go, a word of advice though is make sure you have a copy of the market as it is now, just in case of any problems. new market just tried it and it force closes everytime you try to download, dont bother.
  22. ducky1979

    Root Eviollet 1.4 vs 2.0

    Just wanting to know if there are any differences between these 2 kernels? I've just gone back to redux and tried the 2.0 version and I don't think its as good for battery life as 1.4 was. Any input would be appreciated.
  23. ducky1979

    Root A2sd script in redux

    So I wiped my SD card, re ran gparted installed my backup files and titanium yet when I booted into reduce it still remembered my wifi and all apps, but after installing a2sd script several times terminal still says a2sd not found? Any ideas how I can do a full wipe and ensure its as new?
  24. ducky1979

    Root Decided to go back to redux but I had problems

    I tried to restore a nandroid from s while ago but it came back md5 mismatch, so I decided to start from scratch, so I did a fresh nandroid then wiped everything, installed redux which went well, but after it booted I setup gmail and in market it was installing all my apps even though it was a...
  25. ducky1979

    Root Any way to find which backup is which

    I'm wanting to know which backup is which with my nandroid, as I know some are gv and some redux, but I'm not sure which is which, is there any way to look at the backup to tell which Rom its from?