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  1. BimmerM3

    Root Cannot install Liberty 3.0 after multiple tries

    Ive had awful problems with MIUI... force closes, camera doesnt work, battery sucks.. so I decided to flash Liberty 3.0. The problem is no matter how many times I download the file (version 1.0 and 2.0) I cannot get them to install. Ive read the instructions over and over to make sure Im...
  2. BimmerM3

    Root MIUI hard resetting on each reboot

    I had MIUI 1.10.7 when my phone suddenly shut off and rebooted. Reboot took way longer than normal and when it finally finished I found my phone apparently updated to 1.10.8 and wiped. Tried several reboots and the phone hard resets everytime. I never expected this from a rom like MIUI.
  3. BimmerM3

    Root Port this to the X?

    Ice Cream Sammich for BIONIC (Theme) 0.2.2 Ice Cream Sammich for BIONIC (Theme) - RootzWiki
  4. BimmerM3

    Root Think I Finally Bricked It...

    I posted my problem on the CM4DX thread an got no help, so I gotta start a new thread. I tried to flash CM7 onto my X last night and when I rebooted the phone just sat there with the motorola logo on it. I tried restarting and a hard reset and neither worked. I left it plugged in all night...
  5. BimmerM3

    Root Cannot get Apex 2.0 GB to work

    I have been back and forth between froyo and GB in the past month or two and decided to upgrade back to GB last night if I could find an AOSP looking rom. I found Apex 2.0 and attempted to follow the instructions and install the rom, but got caught in a boot loop and had to sbf. Heres what I...
  6. BimmerM3

    Root Lexlite Gingeraid is Awful

    Just flashed Lexlite Gingeraid 3.6 onto my GB X and Its restarting every 30 seconds. Tried rebooting multiple times. Cant get it to hard reset. And it wont give me enough time to install the droid 2 bootloader before it resets. I get halfway through installation and it resets. So I guess I have...
  7. BimmerM3

    Root All Gingerbread Themes?

    I've been looking around for a bit and I can't seem to find many, if any, themes for the DX GB rom. Are there any?
  8. BimmerM3

    Root Another Person with SBF problems...

    I updated to the first leaked GB a few days ago and i now want the rooted version. Since I already updated ive read that ill have to SBF back to 2.2 or something like that? i follewed p3droids instructions and RoOoLeRs also, but i cannot get it to work. I downloaded the system SBF and RSD lite...
  9. BimmerM3

    Root No Unlocked Bootloader?

    I was wondering if it was just me, or is there nothing posted about the X's bootloader being somehow cracked. I swear I saw an article about it on Gizmodo or another website, and I checked here immediately after and found one article about it, but it seems like all of them have been removed. I...
  10. BimmerM3

    Root Liberty 1.5 Lock/Unlock Issues

    Ive been running liberty 1.5 for a few weeks now and ive noticed only one problem. The screen frequently wont turn on after its been locked. I can press all the buttons i want as much as i want but no response. I dont know if the phone actually turns off, or if the screen just wont respond. Ive...
  11. BimmerM3

    Droid X Specs vs. Atrix

    So I was looking at the Atrix's specs earlier on Motorola's website and I compared it to the X and I was surprised that the only areas where it really beats the X are the processor, screen, (just for the resolution, not size) and memory slash RAM. Besides speed I don't really see where the Atrix...
  12. BimmerM3

    Vote for Droid X as Engadget Gadget of the Year!

    Vote for the Droid X as the 2010 Engadget Gadget of the Year! The iPhones on the list too, but it can be beat! Vote for the 2010 Engadget Awards! -- Engadget
  13. BimmerM3

    Root Want to Root, But Worried.

    First of all, I did do a search before posting this, simply because I know some people don't like repeated questions. But it would take hours to extract the few questions I have from the hundreds of threads. I would love to root my Droid X, I've had it for about 2 weeks and I can't stand not...
  14. BimmerM3

    Accessories Not A Fan of the Otterbox...

    I've only had my Otterbox Commuter case for my Droid X for two days and its driving me insane. What I mean by that is the fact that it is a dust magnet. It seems like i can clean it, leave it in my pocket for 10 minutes and it comes out looking like its been under a couch for 10 weeks. I had an...
  15. BimmerM3

    Help Navigation Through Speakers?

    I used Google Nav earlier today and realized something that would be great, if possible. I would love to be able to get the GPS to speak through my car speakers instead of the phone speaker. I have an after market stereo (Pioneer DEH-4100UB... incase it matters) and can use my phone to play...
  16. BimmerM3

    Navigation Through Speakers?

  17. BimmerM3

    Droid X Questions

    Hi, I just got my DX about a week ago and I have two questions. First, I noticed that a new icon has popped up in my launcher called com.rovio.ka3d. I clicked it and it takes me to angry birds. It has happened before and I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it went back to the normal icon...