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    [Verizon] USB Not Acknowledging Phone

    When I plug my phone (stock Galaxy Nexus LTE (4.2.2)) into the USB ports in my computer, the phone shows that it's being charged but the computer doesn't acknowledge the connection, so I can't access the files. Rebooting didn't help and I've tried it on a couple different PC's (XP and Windows...
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    Help Bluetooth Hogging my Battery

    My Plantronics Discovery 655 consistently drains my Eris' battery at a rate of about 1% per minute or so. I've put up with it all along, assuming that was normal. However, it recently occurred to me that nobody seems to be complaining about it. I wonder if a newer model might not be so hard...
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    Root 2.1 vs. 2.2

    I'm currently using XTRSense 4.6 since I like the weather flip clock on my home page but I'm getting curious about Froyo. Conventional wisdom would suggest that 2.2 is a more advanced version of the OS but I'm seeing lots of people continuing to use and update 2.1. Why doesn't everyone...
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    HTC Incredible Lives Up to its Name

    New DROID Incredible by HTC Smartphone Lives Up to its Name April 23, 2010 Our newest smartphone doesn