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  1. billy whizz

    need some help

    ok guys - can all you guys who have a samsung s8 check to see if there system status on the phone shows "official" or "custom" ,you need to go into downlaod mode to see this, ?..only those with unrooted phone, totally original. The reson iask is because my samsunbg is totally original, never...
  2. billy whizz

    what the hell is this ! ?

    hey guys - i have a samsung s8, totally original , not modded or rooted any way. Today i thought id update the phone , i went on the update software tab on the phone to se if there was any updates and then suddenly iget this message see picture..what is that all about ?..i dont have a sd card...
  3. billy whizz

    help to change notification sound

    hi guys - got a samsung s8, how can i change the outlook email notification to a custom one ?, for example ive downloaded a msn email notification sound from zedge but i cant see it in the list of standard notifications sounds of the phone.? ta
  4. billy whizz

    micro sd card not showing

    hi - my kingston micro sd card 64 gb is not showing up in my samsung s8..any ideas ? ive tried reseating it with a firm push so it clicks in positon, ive formatted it as well on my other phone, ive restarted the phone, seems like a common problem with the s8..any help or ideas, my m icro sd card...
  5. billy whizz

    stuck with phone locked to EE/orange

    well recently bought a new htc one x for the missus to use on TESCO MOBILE, phone was locked to ORANG/EE...easy i thought hundreds of people selling unlock codes on ebay, so i bought one, didnt work, seller refunded my money, perhaps wrong code....anyway bought another, same unlock...
  6. billy whizz

    Help Unlocking code not working

    hi - i have a htc one x locked to orange uk, its totally original phone and never has never been rooted or modded before, i purchased an unlock code and the seller is 100% sure thats its the corrrect unlock code for the phone but it doesnt work, after several times of trying the code it...
  7. billy whizz

    Help wifi and mobile data not autoswitching

    hi guys - ive got a samsung galaxy note 3 here in the uk, its about 4 months old, on tesco mobile, it doesnt seem to switch between mobile data and wifi...if im at home and connected to wifi then i go out, it switches to 4g, but when i get home it should switch back to mobile data but it...
  8. billy whizz

    Help galaxy note 3 dims quickly

    hi guys - i just bought a galaxy note 3 here in the uk, odd thing is when i turn it on just to mess about it suddenly goes dim the black screen within 2 secs, keep having to press button on side to bring screen back on then it does it again and there some setting ive got on or is it...
  9. billy whizz

    Help htc one x plus LTE compatible?

    hi guys - im in the uk, just phoned up tesco mobile to change my tariff to 4g as it is free now to all customers, anyway i told them i have a htc one x plus 64gb uk version phone, they said it was fine and is 4g compatible..anyway recieved my microsim, but im not getting 4g only 3g and H...they...
  10. billy whizz

    Help digitizer no response

    hi - I have a htc desire s thats on original firmware. I recently replaced the lcd/digitizer as a complete unit with a genuine replacement part. The phone was working perfectly in every way up until a few days agoo when i noticed that the side volume buttons wernt working, so i replaced the...
  11. billy whizz

    looking for adventure game ?

    i had this game on my android but reset the phone cant remember what ist was a adventure game, that had some beutiful backdrops..starts off with a waterfall was a adventure game where you had to move from screen to sscreen, collecting items to solve puzzles on other...
  12. billy whizz

    Help red lights not working

    hi - just got a htc desire one x plus brand new, the "back" , "home" and the other button should remain lit up red. but seem to have a mind of their own..i cant see theses button as they dont light up red when in low light or dark there a setting for them or something ?..sometimes the...
  13. billy whizz

    Help reset needed

    hi guys - I replaced the digitizer on my HTC desire s, prior to this the phone was working all i get is a blank daark screen that is lit as well, Ive decide to sell it. How do i reset or clear the phone of any personal stuff that i have on it ?. It is still working as i can...
  14. billy whizz

    Help not proximity sensor again

    replaced this 3 times now and still the same old problem...screen going black and cant really do anything when ending a call...a battery pull resolves this issue...can some tell me if the proximaty sensor is held in place by some adhesive or is just simply left floating in the phone..?...i...
  15. billy whizz

    still got sensor problem

    ok guys - i have replaced 3 proximity sensors on my htc desire s regarding the screen going blank when trying to end a call, i cannot end the call with either the power bitton or volume buttons..i have to remove the battery and boot the phone up again...really peeing me off...i have emailed...
  16. billy whizz

    streaming to android stuck on buffering

    hi - got a VU+duo box, with dreamdroid on my htc desire s, using v player...was working fine i was able to stream channels from my vu+duo reciver and watch them on my htc desire s via v player, however i think the introductions of tp link homenetwork plugs stops this from working...when i try to...
  17. billy whizz

    Root rooting my phone

    hi guys - im having issues with the proximity sensor on my htc desire s...seems to be a common fault on these...anyway, i want to disable it and i undestand the phone needs to be perfectly happy with my phone and do not need custom roms or anything else just want to disable the...
  18. billy whizz

    Help htc desire s touchscreen issue

    Hi just replaced the digitizer on my htc desire s as it was cracked...all went well, however i noticed that sometimes the touchscteen dosent work...seems to have a mind of its own, fails to respond to my touches...sometimes the phone vibrates as if the screen jas been touched...somtimes i need...
  19. billy whizz

    interval timer

    hi guys - i need a timer that i can use when cycling, running etc...what i want to do is run fast for 1 minute...then timer will sound and i will jog gently...then run again for a minute and so on...want one with a sound so i know the minute is up..etc...any ideas what i can use..? ta
  20. billy whizz

    hotmail help

    hi guys - kids messed up my phone so had to do a factory reset...can someone please tell me what i need to set up my hotmail and whats the best app to use ?...i dont want nothing fancy, just a simple app that will notify me that i have emails thats all...had one set up but cant remebber how i...
  21. billy whizz

    Help APN settings for o2 pay monthly

    hi guys...I have a htc desire MMS wasnt working so i decided to mess around with the i cant even get wap access....can someone please tell me the APN settings for o2 pay monthly contract here in the uk..?...ive tried lots using google and on here but none seem to work...i...
  22. billy whizz

    Help Android market issue.

    hey guys -when i click on android market on my htc desire s....then goto "games" > "All Games" > then click on "Top Free"....i just get a loading message all the time...doesnt seem to show any games..the rest on android market works fine..any ideas why..?..ta
  23. billy whizz keep sending me ringtones

    Hi guys - ive recently noticed that my last 3 or 4 bills from O2 show some money being charged for ringtones recieved from . I do not remember or ever ordered a ringtone from them..ive tried to text "stop" and "stop all" to 83726 but the sms doesnt get delivered. I rang O2 who told...
  24. billy whizz

    sending sms to a group

    hi guys - ive got a htc desire s, i recieve jokes from mates and want to send them to certain people on my phone, at the moment im having to go to the phone book and selecting people one at a time and putting a tick by their name...then i can forward the sms to them...very time consuming,....i...
  25. billy whizz

    Help no option for factory reset ?

    hi guys - trying to reset to factory settings my htc desire s ...just a few questions 1. will the phone be simlocked back to vodaphone ? its currently says simlock :vodaphone....carrier : using a orange sim at the moment. 2. there doesnt appear to be a "factory...