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    March 6th - get in line for your Atrix

    There is a reason AT&T is dropping the Sony Experia from it's lineup on March 6th. Making room for the Atrix. Mark my words. March 6.
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    Yeah, but it doesn't have a true 4G network

    The Atrix will be using HSPA+ on AT&T's network. Technically, that isn't 4G. At best, you could really only call it 3.5G. AT&T will come out with a true 4g network, LTE, later at the end of this year. The phones coming out then that take advantage of LTE will blow away the Atrix.
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    Android custom ROMS

    Sorry if I have the terminology incorrect on this, but can someone explain how a custom ROM is different from the stock ROM you get when you purchase your device? And am I correct in assuming that an Android ROM is just a background image and a collection of added apps specific to that ROM...
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    AT&T restricting Aria to AT&T market apps only?

    I've read in a few places about AT&T restricting where you can download Android apps if you buy their version of the Aria phone. Not having an Aria myself, I don't fully understand this. Can someone help me figure this out? Am I correct here in that if you own an AT&T Aria, then you can only...
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    For the love of god! STOP THE ANDROID NEWS BOT!

    Can the website owners please stop with that stupid user phandroid, Admin News Bot, from posting over 50 messages a day on this forum?!?! It's ridiculous! This pushes all the good posts down and out of sight. What's the point of even having a forum, if you are discouraging people from...
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    Android 1.6 making a comeback!!!!

    Yes. It's true. Move over Android 2.1. Android 1.6 is making a comeback! There are a slew of new phones coming out in 2010 with Android 1.6. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there are more Android 1.6 phones being introduced than there are Android 2.1. The latest and greatest is...
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    About the Bravo...

    Release date? HTC's roadmap indicates an April 2010 release date for this. However, Engadget says that the Bravo will be released early in the USA, possibly January 2010 (ie: soon). I don't think it is coming out this month as has been rumored. Engadget is consistently wrong about these...
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    What phone is this??

    Anybody know what phone this is? I saw it in a CNET article about an upcoming video-calling Android app. The phone looks nice. Just wondering if anybody knows the make and model. Thanks. Link here: OoVoo to take its video-calling app mobile | CES 2010 - CNET
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    Rooting an Android device

    I just read an article on Engadget about rooting the Droid. Motorola Droid finally rooted? -- Engadget Mobile The article was written for an audience that has some technical knowledge of this. Just curious what does it mean to root an Android device and why one would want to do that. .
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    New look Android keyboard?

    HTC has a model coming out middle of next year called the Buzz which will run a future version of Android. An advertisement shows it with a different looking software keyboard. Looks more like an iPhone keyboard. The keys are white. There is more space between each keys. I have no idea if...
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    Palm refugee here

    Hi. I'm new here. Don't have an Android phone yet, but it is high on my list. I'm a current Palm user who has been abandoned by Palm after several years of using Palm devices. When they went to WebOS, that is when I started looking around. Palm has a great thing with their WebOS, but they...