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  1. Ufkal

    Root Tether Application(s)

    I know that there has been some mention in a couple of other threads, but I think we need (ok, I need) a thread to deal with tethering. I can not get either barnacle or WIFI tether to sync up with any laptop. All 3 of my rides show that there is a connection available, but it won't...
  2. Ufkal

    Help Y5/Opera and other things

    Greetings fellow REVO owners!!! I am at day 15 of owning this phone, and for the most part, I really enjoy it. Like all of you I have some issues, but hey who doesn't? Has anyone gotten Y5 to work on this phone? I have found my already subpar battery suffering because the wi-fi doesn't turn...
  3. Ufkal

    Root What keyboard is used in Shadow Rom

    I am looking for the .apk for the keyboard that is used in shadow rom. I personally think its a great keyboard. Anyone have any thoughts?
  4. Ufkal

    Root Change the Dialer

    Is there anyway I can change the default dialer that is included in the ROMS? I like the vanilla dialer over the HTC one. Thanks for any help.
  5. Ufkal

    Root Can't find the ringtones on this ROM

    I'm running Ruby 1.1.0 with a KK kernal. This rom has excellent ringtones and notification sounds that I'd like to keep when I move to another rom. I know this is a noob question, but where are these? I can't find them anywhere. Thanks for the help.
  6. Ufkal

    Root Turn Off Automatic Restore Feature

    I'm posting this here because I feel my question will directly relate to custom ROMS: Every Rom I load (Skyraider Vanilla,ShadowRom, The NewGuy Etc.) starts restoring my phone. Usually as soon as it connects with google, it has an old wallpaper up and starting to pull apps. I know how to...
  7. Ufkal

    Root Apps Auto update- Annoying

    Here's the thing. I'm trying to install a new rom, and make it a nice clean fresh install. I wipe the cache, I flash the rom. As soon as I log in with my gmail account during setup, the phone downloads all the apps I had and the wall paper and a bunch of other stuff. I do not want it to...
  8. Ufkal

    Root Keyboard options?

    Ok , so I'm running the SkyRaider 3.0 3.0 Vanilla RC3 Rom with the King#4 Kernal. I like it, but the battery is sucking. Anyway. I'm think I am going to rom back over to ShadowRom, which I enjoy and got decent batterylife, and the facebook pictures thing worked yesterday. Anyhoo. The...
  9. Ufkal

    Root SD card no longer working

    Good Day all. My sd card had all my nandroid and titanium backups. I can live with out the titanium but, I've flashed my kernal and a ROM, and I'm finding the need/or desire to go back to the Original configuration of my Incredible. I thought I remembered seeing something somewhere where but...
  10. Ufkal

    Root How do I know if I rooted successfully

    Ok, I ran the new beta flash, it appeared to do what it was supposed to do, it got hung up on the clockwork recovery page, but rebooted. Now, how do I tell if I am rooted?
  11. Ufkal

    Root Can I use the Unrevoked 3.2.1 if I have S-Off?

    Back on 2.1 I broke down and rooted and used unrevoked 3 and unrevoked forever, then I went back to unrooted for the Froyo update. I left my S-OFF. I guess the question is can I just apply the new unrevoked for Froyo? Its a stupid noob question, but its one that I'm not entirely clear on from...
  12. Ufkal

    Help Handcent SMS app issues Odd Ringtones

    Ok, this is a weird one for me and probably a multiple part question/issue. 1.) I use Handcent for my SMS app exclusively. HOWEVER, if my phone locks or goes to sleep, and I get a message it displays the message in both the Handcent and the stock messenger. How do I stop the stock...