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    [Verizon] Gallery Not Displaying Google+/Picasa Photos

    I have this problem on 2 roms now; Xenon and LiquidSmooth. In the gallery I like to have my albums that I used to have on Picasa, and now On Google+. However, with these new roms I haven't been able to. I have Google Photos and Google+ Checked off to be synced in my Account Settings. Any...
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    Suggestion - Friend Traveling to France for Culinary School

    Hey everyone, My gf is traveling to Southern France for Culinary School. She just got the Tab, and really likes it. She will have access to wifi while there. Any suggestions for apps that she get, that will help her get around, help her in her classes, or etc? I tried googling a little bit...
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    Help Random Restarting

    Hello all, I tried searching around and couldn't find a solution to this problem my gf is having. She just got the thunderbolt on launch, and everything was fine; however now the phone is randomly restarting every couple minutes. I had a similar issue on the Incredible and the issue...
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    Free Google Voice Invites for Students!

    Google Voice for Students If you have an email with a .edu; then you can get a Google Voice Invitation. I am posting this because a lot of users are requesting them.