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    Compatible ?

    Image above is a metro phone im im think about unlocking. And below is phone im going to sim card from. Are they compatible ? Me
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    Samsung black screen

    Don't know the details. But came home to find girlfriend's Samsung S6 active with black screen, she said phone fell off bed, picked it up and had black screen, she did a internet search tried some things, doesn't remember what. Now still black screen, with the words "recovery booting" slowly...
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    Updated phone now need help

    Have a zmax pro Android 6.0.1 provider pc metro did 2 updates provided by metro, now I keep getting pop up 'stock Android has stopped' and it goes back to home screen, a couple times home screen would not load. Usally close and turn back on brings home screen back, also have had 'chrome not...
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    Smartab st1009x

    Long story short stuck on boot screen, tried several way to reboot for nath, so ran a root integrity check came back with a long list of nothing but errors any way to repair or being a cheap $100 tablet just toss it
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    Usb-c thunderbolt ?

    Thinking of buying a usb-c to HDMI to connect zmax pro to tv should it be a thunderbolt cable or no
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    Smartab problem

    I have a smartab 10.1' tablet running Android 7 battery had run down, when I charged it back to full and turned it on it stays on the open screen (black screen saying smartab powered by Android) won't open to the home screen any ideas to get it to open up ?
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    Help Zte zmax pro (z981)audio problem

    Since yesterday when I connect to a Bluetooth speaker I get no sound, though it shows connected Also if i listen to music on phone speaker when I plug in headphones I get no sound thru headphones any ideas anyone ?