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    Root CyanogenMod 10 (Jellybean) on Dinc

    Just wanted to inform the community here that CM10 & furthermore, Jelly Bean are available for our Dinc's now. Check it out in the XDA threads. Droid Incredible Android Development - xda-developers
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    Root Cm 7.2 rc3

    Anyone try this? Anyone got a changelog? I couldn't find what was changed from RC2 to RC3......any thoughts on RC3?
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    Help Install Non-Market App freezes..Help

    This just recently happened. It just sits on the 'Installing...' screen forever. The bar below it moves...the app never installs. It just sits on that screen. The phone itself isn't frozen. I can press Home and do other stuff just fine.....but I cannot install. I already have 'Unknown...
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    Weird issues Editing/Quoting/etc.

    Can Someone please help me? I am no longer able to Edit my Posts or use the Quote button. The buttons for those are simply not there. Can an admin help me please? Some other things are a little weird too but harder to explain. This is true when logged out or in. Or maybe you guys changed...
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    Picture App - Sort by Folder

    Using the Gallery app, pictures on SD card are grouped by their folders....but pictures in internal storage are all just lumped into one grouping. How do I organize pictures in internal storage? I have so many pictures in internal storage that it is becoming difficult to find particular photos...
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    Help Maintain Icon Order in Folders

    Dinc Unrooted, Using Sense...all normal stuff here. Thought I'd start by saying that. Now...I have seen this happen many times on my Phone. I have folders on my Homescreen with Shortcuts/Apps in them. Inside a given folder, I have a SPECIFIC ORDER to my Shortcuts/Apps. For whatever reason...
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    Stock Browser Plug-In's????

    On my Droid Incredible (I'm assuming many other phones as well), the Stock Internet Browser mentions "Plug-Ins" in the settings. I figure, this being Android, public developers have created all these cool plug-ins for their browsers..... Where are they???? Sidenote: Yes, I know Dolphin...
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    Open file on computer with Phone

    I see all these "Remote Control Your Computer" apps out there allowing you to use the keyboard/mouse and see visual screenshots of your computer.....very nice and cool looking...but not too practical. Is there an app out there that allows me to Open a file (exe, mp3, avi, etc) on Computer from...
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    Help Android Forums No Longer work after Froyo

    After updating to Froyo (Manual method), the stock internet browser crashes on load of MULTIPLE sites....including Android forums here. It loads up a little bit of see some sign of loading...than before it fully loads...CRASH, just closes itself down. This is also true for...
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    Shortcut to Execute commands on Computer

    There are all of these app's out there that allow you to control your computer from your phone (using VNC and others). This is all well and good....but there are no shortcuts to do anything on these apps. Whatever you are trying to do on your computer takes way too many screens/clicks to be...
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    Help touch text field on browser problem

    Say you are fully zoomed out on some internet page and you see a text touch the text box to type in it. Instead of allowing you to type, it zooms in on the text box. Why? And sometimes, actually most of the time, it zooms in to the wrong area and I have to scroll around to find...
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    Apps Internet Browser CSS support

    Does anyone know of any CSS support for mobile browsers. I would really like to write some small CSS files to make the sites I go to look much much better. Nothing big...just like color changes and such....really just to give sites a nice skin. Maybe an inverted color scheme (black background...
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    Help kaloer alarm clock problem

    I just got this alarm clock. It is fantastic.....very customizable. I have one very annoying problem though. Found no solution searching sorry. I set the alarm ringtone to a song I would like to wake up to. When the alarm goes off....the song that should play is preceded by a rather...
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    inverted color internet browsing

    This is my first smartphone. After looking through apps and settings everywhere, I gave up and figured you guys would know. I want to invert the color scheme for the internet. Make internet pages display white text on a black background and so on. Many people do this on their computer browsers...
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    Help App to use Wi-Fi for file transfer?

    Instead of physically connecting the DI to my computer through USB....I figure I should be able to perform any functions via Wi-Fi. Is there a free app for this. In short, I just wanna be able to transfer any/all files to/from the DI over Wi-Fi. Any app?