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    Apps startLocalOnlyHotspot setting with custom SSID and preSharedKey

    I am making a simple application where I want just : local hotspot with no internet need custom SSID and preSharedKey , not that "AndroidShare_XXXX" stuff I settled minSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion to 20 so it can enable geolocation permission for the current app. Then I was trying to set...
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    Force use ip neigh show on android 11

    Hello everyone! I am trying to get list of connected custom devices to my mobile hotspot on an Android 11 phone.... if I use Termux app I can exec "ip neigh show" and obtain devices list but if I do the same programmatically on my app implemented on Android Studio with Process proc =...
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    Help HTC Desire XD (dual sim) keeps freezing

    Hello everyone!!! I have an HTC Desire XD (dual sim) PROTODUG with HTC Sense 4+ and software 2.28.401.1 and kernel 3.4.0-ge781ba0. Edit: using FastbootCommander I retrieved my CID which it's a HTC__405... Lately I expect lots of freezing during booting android and during use of applications...