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    Root Help bricked my X and not sure what to do next

    yesterday I tried to revert to Froyo from the GB leak with the TBH all in one zip but it left the phone looping at the Moto screen. So I sbf'd back to but used the VRZ_MB810_2.3.15_1FF_01 which was to far back and caused code corrupt errors so then I used the correct VRZ_MB810_2.3.34_1FF_01...
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    Root need help bricked X going from 596 back to froyo

    yesterday I tried to revert to Froyo with the TBH all in one zip but it left the phone looping at the Moto screen. So I sbf'd back to but used the VRZ_MB810_2.3.15_1FF_01 which was to far back and caused code corrupt errors so then I used the correct VRZ_MB810_2.3.34_1FF_01 file but I still...
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    Accessories Car mount and sound

    Does anyone know how do you make the sound come out the audio jack of the car mount? I returned one thinking it was defective but the other one does the same so now I'm thinking there must be a setting some where since it need to be redirected through the usb port
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    Help Chrome to Phone

    Is anyone having trouble with Chrome to phone? or Fox to phone? It was working like a charm and then stopped sending pages. It happens on every computer I use it on and every browser. All I get is nothing or and error "error can't send page" from a Chrome browser and I actually it the devs page...
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    Root Another ***Warning*** OTA and Themes

    P3Droid Do not apply themes, or anything else that requires deodexed ROMS as you will be stuck in a bootloop, FOREVER I've seen a few get toasted by doing this so FYI
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    Root Koush' boot strap app

    Just wondering if Koush's boot strap works on the new OTA? I'm not going to it myself I'm just wondering if the F'ed us there also?
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    Help why sync gmail

    Why do I need to sync gmail? I ask because I've had it unchecked forever and I still get email from my gmail account and when I delete mail they delete from the server. So what's the point?
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    Root 2.2 ringtones

    Does anyone know where to put ring tones in 2.2? In 2.1 all you had to do was put them in a folder called (wait for it) Ringtones but that doesn't seem to work in 2.2? Thanks
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    Help Can't sync with appbrain

    I can't sync with appbrain for some reason. It starts to sync but while its syncing I can see a message at the top that says to sign in to google account (this may be normal but I never noticed it before) but after a few seconds it just flips back to the main menu. I can browse and download (at...
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    if anyone is interested ** vlingo ** is now free

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    if anyone is interested ** vlingo ** is now free

    fyi Vlingo is free now that Google has announced their voice app.
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    Help Has anyone with a replacement had this error?

    I got my replacement and got it all up and running but I keep getting a notice that says. Motorola service account error the Account you are using is associated with another device. Please contact customer service to reset the device. I've called three times now, twice they made me reprogram...
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    I've decided I need the iphone

    I've decided I need the iphone Want More Sex? Maybe You Should Buy an iPhone - ABC News :D A guys got to do what a guys got to do.
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    [Breaking News] Motorola and Verizon pull all FRG builds!!!

    No ones seen this? MyDroidWorld - [Breaking News] Motorola and Verizon pull all FRG builds!!! True??
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    Root system folder Read write permissions??

    should the system/apps folder and system/bin folder be R/w or R/O I'm trying to remove some stuff and can't remember. Help I setting here waiting:o
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    Interesting Android News Story

    Android users gobble more data than iPhone users - Technology & science - Wireless -
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    Help How do you setup a share folder for sharing over wifi

    It seems possible to setup a shared folder but I can't find any directions on it and none of my current shares show on the phone. Does any know how to do this or if it's even possible. I would love to transfer stuff without plugging in the phone.
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    Droid X battery readings

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    Help Droid X battery readings

    Does everyone's battery on th eX only show changes in 10's. What I mean is mine only goes down or up by 10 its either 100,90,80,70, etc it never 71 or 83 or any thing like that I'm thinking they have a bug in it because it also reports unplug time wrong. I had it unplugged all night and it said...
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    Help Anyone having Wifi problems with new X?

    Mine keeps dropping and reconnecting but when it's connected it isn't passing traffic. I have a wireless N router. Maybe I should try the VW FIOS router it's only G. Anyways thought I'd get this out there in case someone has a fix or it's a problem.
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    Help what uses the 8g internal memory

    What uses that 8g that came with the Dinc. It doesn't look like anything uses it by default. Where does the OS store installed apps? Thanks
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    Root Backup that restores everything

    Do any backup apps restore your phones icon and widgets. I don' want to have to re setup all the apps I have so I want something (if there is something) that can restore a phone to the way it was home screen and all. If Mybackup or titanium can do how? Thanks
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    Whos trading their DX for the iphone

    Report: Verizon getting iPhone in January - Technology & science - Wireless - Not me:D
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    Root How do you reverse the unRevoked NAND lock tool

    Since I plan on trading my dinc for an DX I want to restore it to it's original condition. Will a factory reset remove the clockwork recovery ?
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    Root HOLY @#$@#$ I got root NOW HELP!!

    LOL Well finally got the good old message that I was "in" WAAHOOO (total surprise by the way). Anyways I'm going through the steps and moving along nicely. I pushed the updates and did that little timing install and was about to do the part where it makes the whole thing stick but the batch file...