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    Genie News & Weather Widget Not Working

    Has anyone had any trouble getting the news and weather widget to work today? Usually I check it when I wake up in the morning, but it just displays 'network error'. I've tried WiFi/3G, uninstalled/reinstalled the apk, and restarted the phone with no luck.
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    Root [Root App Request] - Tint Adjustment

    As the 'pink hue', 'red tint', etc issue with the AMOLED screens has been discussed ad naseum, I'll simply get to the point. With root privileges, would it be possible to write an app that can adjust the tint (red/green balance) of the screen, regardless of what application you have open?
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    Help This application can access.... wait, what?

    I came across an app I considered questionable on the market the other day, and I figured I'd go over what I had installed. I perused my 90 apps, and ended up taking off one or two. After going through what I've installed, I decided to look at some apps already on the phone. I feel kind of...