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    All data accidentally deleted on MOTO E

    At 1am, my wife got a message from her MOTO E saying that she was running out of space. She got an offer to delete some stuff. Rather than wait till morning, she said she followed the prompts. One of the prompts was; "Delete forever?". She said "Yes". She has now deleted all her data, photos...
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    Galaxy A02S: Is it OK to remove the QR code on the back cover?

    My grandson isn't too happy about having the QR sticker on the back of his A02S If I remove the sticker does that void the warranty? Thanks.
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    Copy-paste in SMS messages does not work

    I want to copy a horribly complex 12-digit password from one phone to another Android phone by text message. (To enter into my email account.) When I tap and hold the received text, the field darkens, but no handles appear. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.