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    Steam Holiday Sale now Live! Bad Company 2: $6:79, almost the entire store is 25-75% off, and more!

    The famous Steam holiday sale has started! Daily deals include Bad Company 2 for a mere $6.79. With the Vietnam expansion, you get the best FPS of the year, with an incredible expansion for less than half the price of one of the washed up CoD games! The Vietnam expansion for $15 basically gets...
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    Pope Aligns Atheists with Nazis in Speech Today

    Papal Visit 2010: Pope’s Holyroodhouse speech – full text| Religion sure teaches tolerance doesn't it? :rolleyes:
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    AOL Users - Chime In!!!

    Long time Netscape user, but now I'm tired of it. I'm considering using AOL, and I have a few questions. How many of you are pleased with the free version? How many feel it necessary to use the paid version? Do you usually find the music you're looking for? (specify free or paid please)...
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    Goodbye iPhone, hello real phone!

    Hello everyone, I tend to lurk a bit on forums like this but I decided I'd come introduce myself because I'm so excited to soon be a part of the Android community. So my story is that I've briefly had an iPhone 2G and have had a 3G for the past two years. At first I loved it, but I knew as...