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    Root [Virgin Mobile] performance tip for CM users.

    I was having a few issues with browsing on cm. The browser would balloon up to 300-400mb RAM usage in no time, and stay there. Various minor issues with image caching. Imgur albums would only load the first 5-6 pictures, etc. In the performance->memory management menu, there is an option...
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    Root [Virgin Mobile] Cyanogen Impressions

    Since CM10 is still in Alpha, I thought it would make sense to have a general impressions thread for Cyanogen so that we can keep the official release thread uncluttered and focused on debugging/dev useful stuff. This thread is more for things we love about CM, things we'd like to see, things...
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    "Assistive Light" widget.

    I didnt see anyone else using it on the homescreen thread, but I use it more than any other widget, and it comes stock with touchwiz. It turns the camera flash LED into a flashlight. Super crazy useful. If you havent noticed and/or tried it, give it a shot. This sucker is BRIGHT!
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    Root [Virgin Mobile] Respect for Jerry.

    I've had powersave mode enabled for probably the last week, because I have to have it enabled while I'm at work because I dont like running the battery down to 30% by the end of my shift and never bother to toggle it. I've effectively gotten used to running at stock speeds of 1.2 again, despite...
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    Root [Virgin Mobile] Late activation.

    Rooted, trimmed the fat, still unactivated. Anything I need to do before I activate; aside from restoring the two Sprint .apks? I recall something about activating while rooted breaking MMS. Should I use G60's stock backup to unroot first?
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    Root [Virgin Mobile] I volunteer

    Ive had my victory 2 months now. I use it as a pda (read: 8/16/32/64 bit gaming emulator) with wi-fi through my optimus' 3G as a hotspot. No stranger to adb/linux/bash/etc, just dont have the desktop horsepower to dev (3.0 P4 w/ 512MB running XP ftw). I volunteer to play spacemonkey to any...
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    I love this phone and you should buy one.

    tl; dr -----> this is an impressive piece of kit. This is my 2nd smartphone. My first was an LG Optimus V. I loved my Opti. It spoke to my inner geek: underestimated, unappreciated gem whose potential was fleshed out by a bunch of great devs. Anybody who is familiar with them knows...