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    wi-fi connection not protected

    A couple of days ago I was trying to set up a new Android TV for my in-laws. It involved me changing my mobile settings to try to tether my phone to the TV (unsucessfully). Since then, back at home using my wi-fi, I keep seeing this message popup: 'wi-fi connection not protected' I have no...
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    skype video calls speaker volume low

    When I switch on the loudspeaker on an audio call it works fine. If I change it to a video call, the video is fine, but the speaker volume drops very low (as if it's a normal voice call through the phone earpiece). Switch off the video and the volume returns to the handsfree speaker mode. Skype...
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    Adding sound files to Notifications

    Is this possible? I searched, but can't find where the sound files are stored. I seem to think I saw one that was listed as Metallophone.ogg. Even if I can find the folder, can I add files to it? The files I want to add are .mp3, could I add those or would I need to change the format somehow?
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    Is there a forum for

    I've used for sometime, but have always struggled how to navigate, what all the map legends are, etc. I can find youtube guides, but they don't seem to talk you through options. There's annoying music but no dialogue.
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    Camera - silent mode?

    I want to disable the shutter 'click' sound on my phone. I remember on either a previous Android or an earlier version of this, there was a silent option, but I can't see it now in camera settings. I have Android 9 on my J7 Pro.
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    Calendar - storage location

    I want to be able to save my Calendar data to my SD card. I see looking in Settings it refers to the amount of memory used in 'internal storage'. I can't see any way to change this to the SD card. Is it possible?
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    Text editor without google docs

    Can I change the settings to stop google docs taking over when I edit a .txt file? Is there a simple text editor available?
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    Bluemail & Calendar

    Are these two apps connected/linked in some way? I've been using Bluemail for a few years already, but only recently started to use Calendar. I notice when a Calendar reminder appears as a notification, immediately below it there's exactly the same reminder below it under the heading Bluemail...
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    How to stop Google Drive requests

    For some reason I don't understand, I keep seeing the same annoying requests pop up when looking at files/images. It keeps asking me to allow Google to use Drive. I didn't see this in the past, how can I stop it appearing?
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    Help Camera photo location changed by phone

    I realised my phone has changed to location of where it saves photos from my camera. For years it's been on the SD card. Now it has changed to internal storage. I tried to change it back to the SD card, but when I do I see this message: “Cannot save file to SD card, default location changed to...
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    Won't open files

    Despite having installed LO Viewer, I can't get it to open an odt file. If I use explorer to find and click on an odt file, I'm told I don't have an App to open it. See the mage.
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    Lost USB connection option

    Since an Android/Samsung update, I've lost interconnection that I used to have with my laptop via the USB cable. Before, when I plugged it in, I was asked on my Samsung if I wanted to allow the connection - Yes or No. Now I don't get asked and so can't connect the two devices. Can I get it...
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    New notification icon appeared

    I can't find this one in the user manual. It's the one to the left of the clock synbol - what's the triangle with the two arrows inside it?
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    J7 Pro Lock Screen clock display

    I haven't seen a forum for the J7 Pro, so I will try posting here. I bought the phone this week (I live in Thailand) and from what I read elsewhere, it was released by Samsung only a month ago? My question relates to the Lock Screen. I see there is a digital clock on the screen. It changes...