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    Questions regarding flight mode/network time.

    So I've made a couple of observations that some may find curious or may not care about at all, that have lead me to some questions I'm hoping some one might be able to answer. If you go into settings/date and time the first option is a check box that says Automatic (use network-provided...
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    Root Odd problem possibly root releated.

    I rooted earlier this morning shortly after the files etc were posted. Ever since then I can not get my phone to ring, it will only vibrate. Notifications work just find it is just the ring from an actual call that will only vibrate. I've tried everything, several resets, changing the...
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    Interesting video results I'm hoping someone can confirm

    I ran a number of different encoding tests tonight and have come up with some rather interesting and odd results. I'm hoping someone else can do some tests of their own and either confirm or dispute my results. The X will play files encoded in VC1 (advanced profile) @ 852x480 with a bitrate...
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    Windows oddity

    Anyone connected their X to their computer yet and selected the Windows Media Sync option? Does it seem odd to anyone else the picture they choose to use looks very close to the original Droid and nothing like the X?