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    Camera Update

    Just noticed an update for the camera in Play Store. Version brings "Manual control of focus and exposure and locked exposure during Panorama capture" Just a heads up for anyone that was hoping for those features.
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    Active Notifications lag fix

    Has everyone checked out the Play Store in went to "My Apps" to update the active display app? Its supposed to fix the delay when unlocking now. Seems to have worked on mine so far!
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    Kit Kat and WiFi

    The last couple days, I've noticed that my Wi-Fi has been eating up my battery while I'm at work. When it's switched off. It's using about 12% of my battery (40% drain total over a 9 hour work day). I turn my Wi-Fi off at 7:30 when I leave for work. Yet it dates it's been on for 9.5 hours when I...
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    Root [Verizon] Carbon Rom keyboard force close issue. URGENT!!

    Hey guys, i'm back after a long stint away from the android community. got a free galaxy s3 so i took to rooting and romming it right away. decided to start out with carbon rom. i flashed the most recent one and everything went fine with the flash. but apparently i downloaded a bad version of...
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    Coming Back!

    So I was an android user for years (OG Droid, Dinc, DX) that switched to an iPhone 4 for a couple reasons over a year ago. But I'm really considering coming back to the android system. I love everything android and was heavily into the whole root and rom thing with my DX. I'm considering...
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    UI Tweak for On Screen Search Button

    Team MoDaCo has a tweak that will enable a search button in the navigation keys for the Galaxy Nexus. I'm definitely glad this is being implemented. I like having the search button at the bottom. Link...
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    Root ICS coming to the DX

    CVPCS says he will start porting ICS to the DX tonight. P3Droid:
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    [International / GSM] P3Droid has 1 click root done

    He made a 1 click root method this morning. Idk how you feel about his "info", but its hard to deny the guy has made big contributions to the Android dev community. [url=]P3Droid: "So I went and made a 1 cli…"
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    Root From Froyo to GB Roms

    i'm sure this has been answered in other threads but i've looked around a bit and decided i would just start a new thread for verification. i've been way too busy lately to really follow much of the rooting community and have been on liberty .340 for a while now. i've done a little research...
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    Root Need help rooting on Ubuntu

    hey. i've searched and still can't get it to work. i'm a complete noob on linux (less than 24 hours) and i'm having trouble with unrevoked3. i downloaded unrevoked3, extracted it to the desktop. plugged the phone in and nothing. i've tried mounting it as charge only and as a disk drive. i just...
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    Ubuntu and Android

    I'm about to start building my first pc and I'm going to install ubuntu 10.10 on it. I would really like to get into the dev community for android. My question is, how familiar to android is ubuntu? I mean at the system files level. I know android is built off a linux kernel. Is it just a base...
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    Root Incognito

    What happened to it? I'm a fan of the all white theme and remember it was the first released for the dx. I saw some random stuff about it messing up peoples phones and they tried erasing it from existence. So I'm just curious if anyone can fill me in on what happened.
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    Root Liberty battery tweak

    Anyone try the liberty battery tweak either in the testing phase or just downloaded it to use it? I'm wondering if you're seeing any kinds of improvements. Here is the link because I haven't noticed much chatter about it. Increase Battery Life? You can help Team Liberty! - Droid Forum - Verizon...
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    Root Dialer not opening in apex

    My dialer won't open. I'm running apex 1.3.1. I've tried clearing data and it hadn't worked since I flashed apex. Any suggestions or can someone shoot me the dialer apk and a quick overview of installing system apps? I haven't messed with them much.
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    D2 as a replacement for D1

    Hey d2 ppl. I have a d1 that's broke. If I make an insurance claim, will I get a d2 or d1? I've read about ppl getting a d2 as a replacement. Can anyone verify this?
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    Refurb Droid X

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    Help Refurb Droid X

    I just received my refurb droid x and its complete garbage. All stock and it lags like crazy in every aspect of the phone. I've literally shut it off three times the past hour to avoid throwing it. my swype keyboard will stop responding for twenty seconds after every word. Sometimes it stops in...
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    Root Sbf

    so i finally got my phone stuck at the M. i must have rushed a little too much flashing a rom (something i've done many a time now) and i need to flash the sbf. i know there is info here on it and i have the 2.1 file. but i'm having trouble. i'm very much a noob at using linux and have done...
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    Adw wp7 theme

    I'm currently a lpp user (love the widgets) but I'm going to give adw a try and thought maybe some people might like this theme that haven't seen it. Btw, anyone know what the click widget is? droid life is making ppl wait until tomorrow to tell.
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    Root Reflash a rom to theme

    I'm running rubix focused .5 and bgx theme. I wanted to try out a new theme tho and saw that sometimes installing a theme over another leaves traces of the old and bgx seems like a deep theme. Would I be able to flash rubix again, like the first time,to get to a stock Rom and install the theme...
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    Root rom manager premium

    Hey are there any differences in the paid Rom manager and the free one?
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    Good facebook widgets?

    Does anyone know of any good 4x4 facebook widgets? Similar to friendstream, from sense, preferably
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    Good facebook widgets?

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    White Droid Incredible

    Noone has mentioned the white dinc yet?! I think its a cool look, although that's going to vary greatly between ppl. What do you think? Update, apparently engadget has pulled the article when I was searching for a link. So use your imagination lol it was a white battery cover, with...
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    Root Dinc+root-computer?

    Crappy title, I know. But does anyone know a way to root the dinc without a computer? I know I did it on my dx with a terminal emulator. Just wondering if there is a similar way for the dinc.