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    Root Aboot.img

    Does anyone know where I can find tge aboot.img file for lg d321?
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    Help Just got this phone....

    So I see no root has been found for this can i help speed up the process of getting this phone rooted.
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    Root Help Please

    I'm looking into getting a recovery for the lg-d321 cricket phone, can someone with the Knowledge point me in the right direction or give me some steps on How to get 1 for this phone.:D
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    Root Cricket Lg-D321

    Is Their A Recovery For The Cricket Version Of Lg L70
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    Root Return to Stock

    Does anybody have a quick step of Putting Esteem back to Stock
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    Root New And Rooted Esteem

    So I Got Me A Esteem Yesterday And Rooted It Today....So My ? is Whats The Best Rom For The Esteem?:confused:
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    Root Please Help!!!!!!!

    Ok Here We Go..... My 4g Has Not Worked For The Pass 2 Days. I Can No Longer Select USB tethering In the Connectivity Settings And I Can't Check Protable WiFi Hotspot In The 4g Mobile Hotspot Settings. Oh yea I called Metro And They Told Me The EV Is 4G....:confused:SMDH
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    Root No more Recovery

    For some unknown reason my recovery stop working ( meaning when i go to the app and open it it Does nothing but come to a black screen) also when i go between screen it flickers with blue in it.....Can Someone Please Help Me
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    Root Subway Surfers

    Is their anyway to get the Subway Surfer game on the Admire?