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    OTA Update!

    Has anyone received the ota update from HTC which is to sort issues with certain camera apps?
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    Hi all I am wondering how much success users are having with 'Yxflash' media player and playing avi's divx xvid's. Clearly progress is being made though I have so far only tested the trial version! I have been quite impressed with how smooth the movies have played though the trial...
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    Unlocking a Legend?

    Has anyone been able to unlock their HTC Legend? Got myself a Vodafone Legend though i'm only months into a o2 contract!
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    Vodafone Locked?

    Hi All Can the forum members who have a handset from vodafone let me know if they are locked? Seems to be a mix of locked and unlocked handsets! I am on O2 looking to buy a Legend! Many thanks!
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    Best deals!

    Hi All I am edging ever closer to taking the plunge and purchasing the HTC Legend to replace my Hero and was wondering if anyone has came across or come across any stand out deals in the future pease post! Thanks
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    Hero vs Legend

    Hi all I have been very satisfied with my HTC Hero and I am still proud of the way it performs and I prefer it to the wifes Iphone 3gs! I have been watching the forum for the past few weeks to see what is being said about the shiny new Legend to see wether the time had come to let the Hero go...
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    Adult content O2 Hero users?

    I have a unlocked Orange Hero with my O2 contract sim I have entered settings manually since O2 don't support with settings and everything is working well apart from ability to browse adult content! I have been through the age verification process online yet still no access! Has anyone else had...
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    Any Ex Galaxy owners?

    I have just recently relieved myself of my Samsung Galaxy and after taking a few days to get over the experience i am now looking to purchase another handset and thought it would be good to hear from anyone who has made a similar switch to the Hero! I guess i am looking to hear that i won't feel...
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    Help Call Rejection Hang ups!

    I have just received my second Galaxy handset as replacement from O2 after returning the first with what appeared to be some sort of hardware fault that caused calls to be rejected before pickup quite often just at the moment of touching the phone! I was quite happy with O2 and the way they...
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    When can we expect ii5?

    Although it's reassuring to now be on the official ii4 release it is frustrating to know a better firmware exists and this keyboard is doing my head in! How long will we be waiting for ii5?
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    NPCS Official Response from O2/Samsung

    After been told by O2's technical Dept that they had no Knowledge of any issues with the Galaxy and it's accompanying software NPCS. I thought rather than speculating as to what O2 or Samsung might be doing to resolve the problems it would be interesting to hear what others had been informed...