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    Root Root on ATT and VZW S7

    Looks like it's here:
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    New VZW Update

    Software Version KOT49H.I545VRUFNG6
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    Sub Forums

    Why were they moved to the bottom of the page? They were simpler to access when they were at the top.
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    Help Multi-Window

    Can you add apps to use in Multi Window mode?
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    Root [Verizon] Rooted :)

    Just wanted to say that I got my phone last Saturday, FedEx dropped off a 32gb card today, rooted just now. :rock: :beer: :rock:
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    It's been a fun ride

    I went and bought a Galaxy S4 today. I'll be moving to that forum now. I know I'll see some of you over there. Bye for now.
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    Glad you got the S4

    Are you glad that you got the S4 or would you rather have something else?
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    What would you get if you were going to upgrade in the next month or so? I can upgrade now but haven't made up my mind yet.
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    Root New Update - Heads Up

    Just a heads up, SamuriHL posted this over at droidrzr forums: House of Bionic Discussion - Page 123 - SamuriHL's House Of Bionic - "WARNING: If you get prompted for an update (I know, right?) DO NOT take it. You will lose root and probably lose SafeStrap ability...FOREVER...
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    Help No Service/Signal

    I have had 4 or 5 times in the past two months that my service dies completely, I think the radio gets screwed up. Anyhow the only way I've found to get it back is to do a FXZ. I believe this is being caused by my battery, anyone think that might be possible? The last three times it has...
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    Help Lost signal

    Twice in the past two months I've lost my signal. Both times phone was randomly rebooting and i had no signal, not 4g or 3g. First time ended up doing a factory reset to get it back. This time used House of Bionic and did a fxz but kept data. Nothing else would get 4g back. This time i did find...
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    Boot Screen

    How come my initial boot screen doesn't say Dual Core? Is it because I have Bootstrap installed or rooted or something?
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    ICS Soak is out

    I'm not part but it's being report on other forums and reliable people are confirming that the soak emails are being sent.
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    NFL Mobile

    It used to be free, now it's saying I have to pay $5 per month to view the live shows. Is it this way for everyone or is it because I have ICS?
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    Couldn't wait no longer

    Bit the bullet and installed the .232 ICS leak. :D Then rooted it. :D:D
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    Maybe .904 is like .901 was

    and it won't be the next official OTA. Maybe .905 or something else will be OTA in a week or so, kinda like they did with .901 and .902. No one really got .901 pushed either. Just a thought.
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    Root SetCPU

    I bought it to use with my old Eris and it says it's compatible with the Bionic, does anyone use it to OC their Bionic?
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    Root Safestrap Question

    So how do you activate Safe System if you want to install a second ROM? Not doing it but just curious.
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    Bootloader ?

    Why can't Developers/Hackers figure out how to unlock a bootloader? If it's just some code or something in software can't it be done? Just curious as to why it's not crackable. Is the bootloader like the BIOS on a PC?
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    Droid 4

    Wonder how many will jump ship for this one? Let the complaining begin........ DROID DOES Motorola Droid 4 Release Date, Price Announced By Verizon
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    Motorola Owner's Forum

    Can anyone tell me how to register om the Moto Owner's Forum ( When I go to the sign in/register there are no fields to register, just the log in fields.
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    Just saw this: [URL=""]DROID Bionic 5.9.902 Update Rolling Out to Testers, Here is the Changelog
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    Camera 360

    Anyone know if you can make it save pics to sdcard?
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    Help New Folders for Pics

    Where do I create new folders for pics so that when I'm in the Gallery and select to view by album I can see the folders I create instead of everything in one?
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    Market troubles

    Anyone having trouble with the Market? I can't download anything, it justs sits there at starting download? Any ideas? Is it me or is the Market down?