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    android update?

    my phone is downloading an update right now. is it 4.4.3? anyone know what it is?
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    New Pandora Issue

    today, this has happened twice.. while using pandora, i typically dont, but today.. while listening for some time.. the screen times out.. music is still playing, however.. i cant get the screen to light back up. power button, home button, capacitive buttons.. nothing.. the volume still works...
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    Root [Sprint] root with new 4.4?

    i got the OTA the other day.. is there a root process yet for 4.4?
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    [App help] google talk

    ok, so not long ago.. i let google take my phone number.. and use google talk, or whatever its called.. i ended up not liking it.. cuz when i would get a phone call, it would screen it.. and say press one to answer.. and so on.. also, all my text messages went into a different app, than...
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    Root [Sprint] Kit kat??

    is there a kit kat rom for the sprint phone yet?
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    Root [International] good backup app

    is there a good app that will backup my text, and stuff, before i root my phone?
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    Root [CDMA] Easy Noob question

    so.. i have the 1.5hboot.. CDMA is there only certain roms i can choose from? i currently running Mean Rom 2.4. but i been thinking bout trying a couple others.. such as MeanROM 4.5 Nocturnals Xi36 Sense 4 villeC3 evo3d odexed thanks for your help.
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    Root [CDMA] just unlocked, and rooted!!! help

    so.. i am looking for a good ICS rom.. that everything works. let me know what is out there. tired of waiting for the sprint rom. thanks
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    Help Twitter Widget makes Sense unstable

    when i have the twitter widget on one of the screens.. and do an update.. Sense, then starts to reload, constantly. have to go into settings and clear data.. and redo all my home screens.. since i stopped putting the twitter widget on my page.. it dont do it anymore.. anyone else have some...
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    Help Contacts pictures

    hey guys.. i got my new E3d yesterday.. and i did the bluetooth transfer of the contacts and such.. wish i wouldnt have.. cuz now i got an extra dang set of contacts in my list.. #1, is there a way to remove the contacts from the phone? all my contacts are google contacts. #2, i cant get...
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    Root how to access sdcard from recovery

    i need to put my zip files on my sd card.. but when i go through windows explorer, it wont allow me to. my phone is booted to recovery, is there some way i can transfer files to my sd card?
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    Root Evo lost connection to sd, now just boot looping

    i cant get my phone to work anymore.. i did a factory data reset, and wiped everything.. now it wont find my nandroid or anything. what do i do? it wont mount to my computer or anything. any help please.. the phone charge light is on, but i cant access anything on the sd card?
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    Root rooted, ad free, words with friends not working

    any idea what i can do, it worked till i did the ad free thing today.. standard root, stock rom and everything
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    Root wifi turns off data connection.. rooted

    I rooted my phone with the steps on here.. have not put a rom on it yet. However.. I noticed that when i am on wifi my 3g data is off.. and iI cant download anything. Tips? Suggestions?
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    Alarm Clock, WTF

    Does not go off in the mornings.. i mean.. i have repeat set, and everything.. check mark is on.. it even confirms that the alarm is set for 10hrs from now. when it comes time to go off.. nothing.. unless i manually set it every night.. it dont go off.. i dont understand.. is there...
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    gumbo kernal on fresh 2.0d

    is there a gumbo for the 2.0d i can add to the phone? the lagging i am getting with the keyboard is getting crazy.. i wanna flash the stock keyboard back on.. gonna use the kitchen to do that.. can i put gumbo on with the kitchen?
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    Yahoo email??

    i did a search.. but does the yahoo email not work with the Fresh 2.0
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    Rooting the Hero

    Guys, i just want to say.. if anyone out there wants to root their phone.. go for it.. i am a complete noob at this stuff.. litteraly, dont know didly bout coding, or what those symbols mean on the screen, or how the programs know how to read what.. but if you follow the how to sticky.. or go...
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    Fresh 2.0 (help)

    guys, i downloaded the fresh 2.0 rom, and it is the 2.0c, and i am having a problem, i flash it, and it does its thing.. but then gets stuck on the boot screen. i just did a wipe, and gonna try again, and see what happens.. any ides??
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    update question

    for the hero, how do i know when the update is available?? do i go to firmware update? and it will show it there? will i lose all my apps? paid or unpaid?
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    New sprint Hero

    what is the first thing i should do.. is there program updates i should do first.. software updates.. like sense ui updates that may not have been factory installed?? What about android.. is there updates for that.. How do i know what OS i am on?? SenseUI 1.5.x Android 1.5.x is there a...
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    handcent messaging help

    is there a way to delete threaded messages, similar to if you wanted to delete emails? like if i have 20 text threads, and only wanna delete 10.. but do all 10 at the same time..
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    group text messaging

    Can you send a group text? i tried and got alot of error messages saying cant send.. is that a sprint thing? is there a limit on how many i can have in a group?