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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4-Inch battery replaceable?

    I'm considering the 8.4" Tab S, but would like to know if the battery can be replaced after it reaches the end of it's life cycle. I don't mind a little modding if I have to. Also, can you use the GPS function with Google maps (aerial images?) as a fully functional navigation unit w/o wifi or...
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    Just bought S3, but the N2 still calls...

    Yesterday I bought the S3 with upgrade for $50, but intending to buy the Note 2 if they could match Walmart's price. Bestbuy couldn't find the N2 on the Walmart site (they're ******ed) so I settled on the S3 since it was much cheaper. The S3 is nice ,but the battery life sucks and I notice the...
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    Bought my S3 today!

    I was planning on getting the Note 2 at Best Buy if they could match Walmart's 250 price, but for some weird reason they couldn't find it on Walmart's site. I'm glad in a way 'cause I would have felt a lot more guilty spending $250 as opposed to the $50 I paid for the S3. So far the reception...
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    GS3 vs Note 2 reception quality?

    I'm still considering the S3, but since the Note 2 just came out I'd like to know if there is any difference between the two as far as the signal strength/quality? Thanks
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    Reception quality

    I'm considering the SIII, but unsure of the reception quality. My Captivate's reception isn't that great here at home. I'm hoping the SIII is better.
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    Captivate vs Galaxy SIII. Reception/Call quality?

    How does the new SIII's reception compare to the Captivate's? I'm considering upgrading, but if the reception isn't improved I'll wait. Removable battery and better than my Captivate reception are high on my priority list.
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    Help How to disable 3G. Weak signal when showing 3G...

    When my Captivate shows the 3G symbol my bars drop from none to maybe 1 bar and signal strength will drop down to -117 to 0 dBm. When the 3G symbol disappears my signal strength bars go up to 4. This is in my home. WHY does this happen and how can I disable 3G so I can use my phone as a phone...
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    Where is the manufacturer date code?

    ON the back there are 5 lines of info 1-Model # 2-IMEI # 3-S/N # 4- 1101 Rev 0.4 SKU # Line 4? Jan 2011? :o Update: I registered on Samsung and it showed the date after entering the IMEI # 1/24/2011 In theory I shouldn't have the shutdown bug.
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    Just ordered the Captivate. What next?

    After making sure the thing works and doesn't have the shutdown issue I should upgrade to 2.2 or use a custom ROM? If so, which is the most stable and gives me the most control over apps, conserving battery ect?
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    Droid X have best reception?

    According to reviewgist this phone seems to have the best reception. Is this true with your experiences? Also, does this phone have an antenna jack in case I need to increase the reception quality a few bars? Reception varies wildly in my home. Very annoying. Call/sound quality is top priority...
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    Captivate have an antenna jack?

    Has anyone confirmed if this has an antenna jack inside the back cover? If so, what jack do you need? I'm currently looking for a phone that has an antenna jack because reception in my house is very inconsistent. I could have 5 bars 1 minute and suddenly be down to 1 the rest of the day. I'd...