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    Accessories MEEP! kids' tablet accessories with normal Android

    I bought a MEEP piano and MEEP drums, second-hand. They use mini USB, but I bought a Micro USB adapter to plug them into my tab. Is it possible to use these without the MEEP tablet? If so, how? Are there any apps compatible with them?
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    Help Only read playlists from files?

    Hi, I've always had a hard time with the way Android handles playlists. If I save a playlist from my computer to Android, it takes forever for the media library to pick it up. If I overwrite it, none of my apps see the modifications. And if I delete the file, it remains in the system playlists...
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    ID3 tags not read properly (year: 0)

    My phone can find all my music, but a lot of the album tags show as <unknown> even though I know these tags are filled in. Also, almost all of the 'year' ID3 tags are filled in as '0' when I know every file has the correct year filled in. I don't know why my phone read the files this way. I...
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    A podcast/audiobook player that won't lose AudioFocus

    Hello, I use N7player for music, and it allows me to control audio focus, so other audio won't pause my music. This is nice because I can listen to audio books over my music. However, when the song changes, it pauses my audio book or podcast. I use material player for non-music audio...
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    Music player with labels, smart playlists

    I am a linux user and my music manager is GmusicBrowser. The reason I use this is that it's the only linux manager with labels. You can create a label like 'funky' or 'ballad' or 'acoustic' and then play songs based on the label. I'm trying to find an android music player with similar...
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    Help Reviving a phone after my kid spilled soap on it

    So, like the title of the thread says, my kid poured a mixture of water and castille soap all over my phone. I came in the room as he was doing it, and immediately took the battery out. I then disassembled the back of the phone and the detachable speaker, so I could see the circuit board. I...
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    Help 64 GB micro SD card problems

    Hello, I have had my phone since April. At first I had a 32gb microSD and it seemed to work fine, but I needed more space for my music. I returned it for a 64gb one. This one had problems from the start. The card would become corrupted and folders would be renamed to start with the letter...