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    Google Assistant | Not invoking on new phone when screen is off

    Got a new phone noticed that the Assistant is not invoking when the screen is off. Still working fine on the old note 8 cracked screen. Tried almost everything mentioned over the internet but had no luck. Any ideas?
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    Audio Player App with Big digits

    Is there any audio app having huge digits for the position ?... asking for a son who is fascinated by moving numbers while listening to songs. Thank you.
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    Help How to get YouTube mini player on the lock screen

    How to get YouTube mini player / media controls on the lock screen like Netflix app or Amazon prime video app
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    [RESOLVED]Is there any app with this feature ?

    Is there any media player app where the video can be casted along with subtitles\CC to the Chromecast ? Right now - only alternative is to do screen mirroring.