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    Go sms showing up in recent / outgoing call.

    Ok, when I use go sms it shows up in my outgoing / received calls. Is there a way to fix this or is this typical with this app? I don't want my outgoing texts to show up in my outgoing call log.
  2. J

    Help Note 2 having problems sending texts

    Ok, I have a vzw Note 2. And today I have started having a issue with my text messaging. I use the stock app and when I send a text it keeps popping up "message failed". I click on the icon to re send the text one to two times and then it goes through. Is this a problem with my stock text app...
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    Help Foxfi

    Ok guys I have a note 2 and used Foxfi on my last android with no issues. On this phone when I got to use my Foxfire app it pulls up my phones mobile hotspot. Is this just letting me know that I'm using my foxfi app or is it really using the built in app so that verizon can track it?
  4. J

    Help Txt showing notification but no txt

    Ok my phone is showing that I have a notification in my Txt messages but I have no msgs. I have removed the Txt from the home screen and deleted all of my Txt msgs but it still shows that I have one Txt. I also cleared the cache and have no notification in the lock screen. Any suggestions?
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    Help Sound is muted when I start a YouTube video

    Ok guys I have a question this happens to me about 50% of the time when I try to watch a YouTube video. I'll click on the video to watch and it'll be muted, I click the rocker in the up direction and nothing happens, I click on the settings and nothing happens I close out YouTube a few times and...
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    Help Haptic isn't working

    Ok guys I have a question for you. My phones haptic feedback randomly quits working. I have a droid Razr and it will work durring a txt message for about 5 - 10 words then it just stops with vibrating while typing. I have tried to look for a cure to this but I haven't had any luck with it yet...
  7. J

    Changing the lock screen

    Ok guys I have a question I am thinking about changing my txt messaging app but want to know if I can change it to where it is on my lock screen like the stock messaging app is. I am using a droid razr at the moment. If I can't change what app is on my lock screen i guess it is kind of pointless...
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    Root I want to root but use a mac

    Ok, so I have a question for you guys. I am wanting to root my razr but I am using a Mac. I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction to help me root my phone. And yes i have searched but I get confused with all the lingo that i have found seeing how i am new to android. So...
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    Razr extended battery

    Ok guys I have a question. I am new to this forum thing and tried searching but couldn't seem to find anything. I am looking for a a way to upgrade my battery on my razr to the battery of the maxx. I love my phone but it just doesn't last long enough in the battery department. Also, how hard is...