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    Nexus Dock....

    well the nexus 7 is getting a dock next month so hopefully the Nexus 10 dock will fallow soon... anyone have any info?
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    Logmein Ignition APK?

    Anyone know where I can get it? Version 2.0 or later if possible.
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    Wireless charging?

    Is the N10 wireless charging ready? I thought I read somewhere before that it's Qi compatible but now I can't find it.
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    Working Flash Player?

    Since there are still a lot of sites that use Flash Player is there any way to get it installed on our N10? I found an apk and installed but it didnt work. Any possible workarounds?
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    Facebook issues.

    I have facebook on the n10 and at first i was getting LED notifications now (i think after one of the updates) im not getting them anymore. Anyone else experiencing problems with the FB app?
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    Root Unlocking stuck?

    Unlocked my N10 and now the X is on the screen and has been for over an hour... does it take that long or is there something else i need to do?
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    Root Developer option gone in Build JOP40D.

    Does this mean i need to wait for the toolkit update?
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    Screen Protectors?

    My N10 will be delivered today and so should my skin from Best Skins Ever. I was wondering how many of you use them. In the past i've always been very anal about using one but do the screens scratch that easy? I know the skins don't interfere with the operation if any but i know some...
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    Light Bleed inquiry?

    OK i have a Xoom wifi and my nexus 10 should be on the way soon. I went to XDA and say the HUGE thread about light bleed on the displays. I cant tell if the people in that thread are all SUPER anal or not. I have a LCD for my PC and there is light on both side edges so maybe im just used to...
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    Root CDMA Froyo Stock+Sense ROM???

    Ive got my phone rooted and have a goldcard but the only rom ive been able to find is an alpha version. Is there by some chance a stock HTC rom with sense? the unbranded desires already have 2.2 right?
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    Root USCC Desire Rooted and Goldcard... still wont update?!?

    I have rooted my desire... then backed up with titanium and clockwork. then i made a goldcard and tried to update my phone to froyo with numerous roms. Since its CDMA will only some roms work? i even made the goldcard again another way but no matter what when i update to the new rom it...
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    Help Gold card/ RUU Questions?

    I have a desire from U.S. Cellular. Currently I don't know of any way to restore my phone to us cellular branding if i debrand it? Must I have a phone unlock code? It seems intimidating but I would love to have froyo and get updates directly from HTC. Any input would be much appreciated.