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    Otterbox Defender Review

    I've been rocking a UAG case since I got the phone and I like it a lot and would highly recommend it. I like trying different cases, I've tried several and were disappointed (Spigen, Ghostek and a few others). The only thing I was concerned with the UAG was front drop protection. I use my phone...
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    Accessories Tech21 CaSE

    I picked up the Tech21 Tactical Case from my local T-Mobile store and I really like it. It fits really good and tight, it's slim yet very protective, they use a special material called D30. The guy in the T-Mobile store had it on his phone and he took his own phone and was bouncing it off the...
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    Help Xperia home error message

    I love this phone! However I have one annoying issue, I keep getting a pop up message saying "Unfortunately Xperia home has stopped working" Does anyone know how to stop that from happening?
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    First impressions

    I just got my Z3 last night from T-Mobile, I am coming over from a Nexus 5. The screen is gorgeous although I think screen resolution and specs are over rated on smart phones, everything looks really good. The design of the phone is "sexy" if you feel comfortable using that word to describe a...
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    Help Sim card added error

    I am getting a pop up almost daily, sometimes more than once per day saying "Sim card added" must restart phone, I have to restart it to get a signal. I physically opened the sim card tray and put it back in to make sure it wasn't loose. Any ideas? I may take it back to t-mobile, I've had it...
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    Google Camera app/update discussion [Update 5/28] I installed it and it automatically took over the stock camera app. I have to play around with it but in theory since it's in the store they can make updates and improve it over time.
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    Help Why does my phone get hot sometimes?

    Sometimes my phone gets hot and at the same time the battery drains quicker than normal. I can't figure out what is running that is causing it. If I do battery restart then it usually corrects itself. Any ideas? Not rooted by the way
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    Help Google play store not working

    When I go to Google play I get "Unfortunately Google play store has stopped". This happened out of the blue, it has been working fine. I restarted the phone but that didn't help. Any suggestions?
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    Help Touch screen

    Sometimes the touchscreen doesn't register right away, is there a sensitivity setting for the screen? if so where is it?
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    Help What happened? Lost connection

    Just got the Maxx HD yesterday. I want to love this phone and it's pretty cool so far but something just happened that is making me question my decision. I was in an area with not so great signal, I opened the sirius app and was streaming music but it lost connection. It shows signal bars but...
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    On the fence

    Due for an upgrade the end of January (currently rockin' an Incredible 2), I am leaning towards the Razr Maxx HD. Really the only thing holding me back is the camera as I use that a lot but I don't need "perfect" pictures. I am also considering the iphone 5 but not sure I want to make the switch...
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    Help Editing videos?

    Is there a way to edit videos that you have recorded on the Dinc2?
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    Help Clock/alarm clock issue

    On the stock HTC clock/weather widget, I can no longer touch the clock and open the clock options such as setting the alarm clock. It used to work and suddenly does not anymore. I can still touch the weather and that opens up. I pulled the battery, I also deleted the widget and re-added it. Any...
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    Help I love this phone but...................

    I love this phone, it runs smoother and faster than my X did and I really like Sense however once in a while the text messaging will really lag bad, the keyboard will lag horribly and the only way to fix it is pulling the battery. It doesn't happen too often but it's happened enough times in...
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    Help Is there anyway to trick the Dinc2 into car mode?

    I don't want to use the stock dock, I have my own dock. Can I trick the phone into car mode? Is there a magnet I can buy?
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    Help Screen won't dim

    Got the phone today, so far I like it a lot however my screen is not dimming. I have it set to time out at 30 seconds. Any ideas? I'll try a battery pull
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    Help Accounts and sync?

    I just got my Dinc2 coming from an X. On the X I was able to set up the time delay of when data would sync, I don't see that option on the Dinc, all I see is Background data and Auto-sync but no option to set the time delay. Is that option available?
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    Root Tried to root but it's not working

    I finally decided to take the plunge and root but it's not working, I am trying using Z4, whenever I run it and hit "permanent root" it starts but just stays there. I tried battery pull 3 times still no luck. Any suggestions?
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    Root Do I need to be rooted to get accurate battery reading?

    So I got this awesome Gorilla 3500 mah battery, it's really great and lasts forever however the batter meter is not reading it accurately. I installed battery left and drained the battery 4 times and the widget says it's all calibrated but it's not accurate. It can say it has 1% battery life...
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    Slingbox and the X

    I just got the Slingbox Pro-HD. The initial set up was a pain in the a** but now that I have it done I am really enjoying my X. The big screen is really sweet to have especially when watching shows. I can watch everything that is on my cable box and control it just like a remote control using...
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    Accessories Seidio Active X case review

    I received my Seidio Active X case yesterday. This is my first experience with a Seidio product and the case seems to be very high quality. Protection: I would rate the protection on this very high. The biggest reason people get cases is to protect the phone and this case sure feels like it...
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    Help Music player problem

    All of a sudden my music player won't play my song and says "sorry the player does not support this type of file". I have my itunes using tunesync and it has been working fine and this popped up today. I am running froyo, not rooted and it was working fine after the froyo update so I don't...
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    Accessories Extended battery BH6X???

    I just bought the extended battery from a local VZ store. The battery that was in the box says BH5X, it's supposed to be BH6X, correct? If so they gave me a regular battery. :mad:
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    Accessories Extended battery not sold in stores

    I went to my local verizon store to pick up the extended battery, I have a coupon for 25% off from the droid x thank you package I received. The guy in the store said they dont and wont be carrying the batteries in the store but they could order it for me. Is it just my store?
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    Help email set up

    I can't get my email to set up on my X. Can anyone help? All my other accounts set up with no problems.