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    Repaired and happy

    I dropped my tf700t on its corner and shattered the digitizer. Dented to aluminum case as well. Already lost part of the shiny Asus logo on the back and a friend had pulled the tablet from the dock without releasing the lock. The back was already showing signs of wear to that nice anodized...
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    Low in-call volume fixed

    Well I have been suffering with low in-call volume for a while now. This problem seemed to exist for me since the last ICS update. I was hoping JB may have fixed it but it didn't. I tried volume + and many of the other potential fixes. Nothing seemed to help. I was thinking of getting rode of...
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    Another update -

    Just checked for updates and I have notification of Just downloading. Anyone know what the update fixes? Guess ill find out soon enough. Edit: the info displayed when installing was just to say the update improves stability. So not really any wiser just know that its updated.
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    Help Keyboard Dock #1 and #2 Keys

    Hi, This has been bugging me since I got my Infinity. I can find no reference to it in the manual. The #1 and #6 keys on the dock are circled Can anyone explain why please? Thanks
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    I really really want one...........but

    Hi all, So here's my dilema. I currently have a HTC One X and a HTC flyer. I am using the flyer more and more these days and finding the 7" a bit limiting. I'm also sick of putting up wit an outdated OS. I am in Thailand where WiFi network coverage (outside of home) is limited. Having decided...
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    Signal stregnth

    I have no idea what a good signal strength would be. This is mine at home. It would be interesting what others have. Bigger! Why won't the dropbox image link work? Well, It's -87 dBm. 13 ASU
  7. D app - How well does your One X perform.

    I was curious about my data connection in another thread. Then I thought it would be interesting to have some data speed comparisons. I know these are going to be wildly different, but how much so? I downloaded app and chose the nearest server. Result: Download 4.5Mbs Upload...
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    Help 3G and H

    So I generally have 3G over the upload/download arrows showing in the message bar. As soon as I click on something where data is required it changes to H while there is data activity. As soon as the data stops It's back to 3G again. Is this just poor 3G availability or is there something else...
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    So who's been going naked?

    So now the One X has been out a while I'm sure many of you haven't bothered with screen protection. I would be interested to know how your screen has stood the test of time regarding scratches. I didn't bother with protecting my Desire and after almost 2 years it was in pretty good shape. Just...
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    Do you like this HOX acronym

    On a light hearted note, I know this is just stupid but I really don't like this HOX acronym that seems to have evolved for such a wonderful phone. I much prefer to call it my Onx X or even my 1X but HOX really doesn't do it for me. What do you call yours?
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    Help Sudden decline in battery life

    Hi, Had my One X for a few months now. It's been flawless. I had been happy with the battery life since the first week. During my normal use which may be quite light compared to most, I would still have 60% or more left by late evening. Then last week I dropped my One X in a supermarket...
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    Help 3G and H

    Hi I have the network mode set to gsm/wcdma auto. I always have 3G showing for the connection but as soon as I start using data like checking mail, browsing etc. the 3G changes to H. As soon as the data use stops it switches back to 3G. I have 3G right now typing this post but when I hit...
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    Update: 1.29.707.11

    So after seeing everyone receive updates I've been impatiently waiting. Tonight over here in Thailand I just got and installed Update: 1.29.707.11 I have a feeling that that my One X is branded although the only sign of this is some uninstallable apps from Singapore Telecom (singtel). I did...
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    Screen Protector

    I'm in Thailand and had my One X for a few weeks waiting for accessories to come out. Had a cut down screen protector on to start with which didn't look so great. It just covered the screen down to the capacitive buttons and not quite to the edges. So got a hard case today which came with a full...
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    Will ICS come to the Flyer

    Hi Anyone have any news relating to ICS coming to the Flyer ? Thanks.
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    Help Beats Audio question

    Hi, Where do I find beats audio profile settings please. when I plug the headphones in and play some music I get the beats audio icon on the info bar but other than that I can find no reference to it on my phone. Cheers.
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    Help Notification Sounds

    Hi guys, I guess this is more of an OS question than One X specific. Does anyone know of an app that allows a notification sound to be applied to actions not already covered in the various settings. For example, I would like to set a different notification sound to SMS sent and MMS sent. Also...
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    New kid on the block

    Hi all, After a couple of years in a loving relationship with my Desire time has caught up with us and she is showing her age, although she still performed very well. Just upgraded her to a younger, slimmer and better performing model, who says she is the One, and hopeing she'll prove as...
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    What's a worthy replacement?

    Hi all, I have had my Desire a couple of years, or almost at least and I really fancy a change. The Desire has been a great phone but times do change and I think the time is near. I'm not really up to speed on phones just around the corner so wouldn't know when the best time would be. I fancy...
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    Blogger app by google inc.

    Hi, I was looking for this app on the market but its not listed. I found it on but it tells me it can't be used on my device. I did see it mentioned that its not available for my country (Thailand) so not sure if its still device related. Anybody use this or...
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    Neead a new phone for my wife - Could this be the one

    Hi all, I am looking for a new phone for my wife to replace her Sonyericsson C905. She's not great with anything not steam powered but she has had a dabble with my Desire and I think she could work her way around a smartphone with a little coaxing. Not looking for anything that has powerful...
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    Basic Photo Editing

    Hi, I was about to send some pictures from the flyer but wanted to resize them first. I couldn't find any stock app that would do this. Can anyone recommend an app that can do this. Don't want anything fancy just the ability to re-size, crop, save as different file type, stuff like that...
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    Just had an OTA udate

    Hi guys, Just thought I would let you know I just checked for any updates and sure enough there was one. The update was 2.27.707.2. I don't know what this fixes apart from the message saying it was a security update. Don't see anything else new.
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    2 x sd cards!!

    I have just put a 16gb sd card in my new flyer. I then proceeded to move all the apps I had downloaded to the sd card. When browsing the files on the flyer with Astro there are 'two' sd cards listed. 1. sdcard 2. sdcard2 The 'sdcard' seems to be the actual 32gb internal memory and the sdcard2...
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    Just picked up my new Flyer :-)

    Just picked up my new 32gb Flyer today. Not had chance to play with it much yet other than get my Gmail set up and a few other bits. First impressions out of the box: Very nice. Quality feel to it. Heavier than imagined and I could even choose the colour.... as long as it was white! I...