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    Advice on a calendar app that searches through the entire history

    Currently I am using the Samsung Calendar app. When searching for (very) old entries I need to tap on a button : Tap here to view events before ..." (e.g. Aug 11 2023) I almost endlessly need to tap-tap-tap-tap.... In the end I may get what I was looking for, or, may be even not, as may be I...
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    ADB not working - what am I doing wrong?

    I'd like to remove some bloatware from my Samsung S10 (Android v11, UI 3.1), specifically the LED cover software as it conflicts with Bluetooth devices when closing the lid (loosing connections each time). These are my exact steps 1. download...
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    Password manager - browser integration - Samsung smartphone

    Am looking for a password manager that integrates with Samsung Internet Browser on my Samsung S10 smartphone. That is to say, once the password manager is running in the background and I launch Samsung Internet Browser and access a website with empty login fields, then the password manager...
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    Dumb question... : Am I overlooking a "Go"-button?

    I am using a password manager on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 WiFi After filling in the empty fields (user-id/pw), I get a pop-up saying I should tap on "Go" or "Enter". So far I used the "Enter"-key on the blue tooth Tab S 10.5" Keyboard (model: EJ-CT800UAEGUJ) I...
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    How to get a 'lock screen' (home screen) displaying multiple users

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Android v5.02 I'd like to have a 'locked homescreen/lock screen' (1st screen after switching on) displaying users. After tapping on a user, password or PIN should be entered. I see guides how to set up a 2nd user and I have successfully set up a 2nd one, more than...
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    Help How to get rid of "Welcome back guest - Do you want to continue your session?"

    When switching to Guest I am getting a pop-up: Welcome back Guest Do you want to continue your session? [Start Over] - [Yes Continue] Can this be skipped and set to 'Yes continue' by default? Thanks =
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    Help Email not showing up in Outlook after they have been read via tablet

    Recently discovered that after reading mail (gmail) on my tablet, the same mail did not show up in Outlook anymore. Sofar, in Outlook, the 'Leave on server for xx days'-option was UNtagged. I tagged it just now. However... Q: Could this have something to do with it? Or is it something else...
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    Help Attach file to a forum posting

    Usually 'attach file'-issues involve email, such as Gmail. However, the other day I wanted to post a reply on a forum thread and wanted to a attach a screenshot I made of a tablet screen. I clicked on the [Upload a File] button, a pop-up was shown, but then within this pop-up, the [Browse]...
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    Two accounts - password protection possible?

    Newbie question. Say a tablet is being used by two accounts (i.e. two different gmail accounts). One obviously is the owner. Is there a way to have a password protection for both accounts? Or at least the owner account to be password protected. The device may have a general password...
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    How to search in 'My Forums' only

    Up front: am a newbie here, so the below typically is a newbie question.. Basically I am interested in information on and/or search results of 1 device only, i.e. the one that I am using. I have added that specific forum to 'My Forum' (yellow star at 'My Forums' below the Adroidforums logo)...