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    Not surprised...

    Samsung Galaxy S, Tab: No Android 4.0 for you | Mobile - CNET News Samsung does it again... Those running custom 4.0 roms dont seem to be having "a less than desirable Android experience"
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    Amazon offers one paid app for free every day in the new amazon app store...

    They are giving away a paid app for free every day. There market is pretty slick. I rooted and enabled side loading using super one click and it works like a charm now. They also have sales on certain apps...
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    Accessories aftermarket car stereos and the captivate...

    I am getting ready to buy a head unit for my truck. I want something with built in Bluetooth. I am looking for feedback on compatibility for phone calls and streaming music. Also what level of control should I expect from the head unit.
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    Captivate goes for a swim and survives...

    I have the amzer gel case. Dropped my phone into the sink yesterday. We are talking submerged under water. It was like slow motion. Display still lit up and all. I grabbed it as fast as i could stripped the cover off popped the battery out. The phone was bone dry. Impressive.
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    att wifi terms of service

    When the att wifi terms of service pop up I never accept. Is att wifi free? In the terms it says customer will be responsible for charges. Honestly I glanced at the terms and havent read them, but have been conditioned to always decline anything att such as navigation, where and others.
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    Accessories Awesome little add on for the captivate...

    Just recieved this little number today... Breffo Spiderpodium Stand for iPhone, iPod, Cellphone, & Much More (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories It is so simple, but it is absolutely amazing. I use it on my night stand to hold my phone while it charges and displays the time. I...
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    Over moderated?

    Maybe its just me, but this forum seems to be over moderated based on the number of new threads. I am all for combing GPS and froyo threads, but 3/4 of the new threads are moved shortly after posting.
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    One last question after leaving apple and adopting android...

    I have an old laptop loaded with itunes that sits in my basement. It is connected to a yamaha stereo receiver that drives all of my outdoor speakers. With my iphone I can control itunes as a music player and even control the volume. (over wifi) I see the app remote for itunes and think it may...
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    Accessories Samsung bluetooth stereo headset $10 Samsung Bluetooth Headset WEP870: Cell Phones & Service Just wanted to share this, I know it was covered in another thread but its a pretty good deal and worth sharing. They are $10 bucks after the rebate and actually work quite well. Deal ends august 31st so if you want...
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    Samsung bluetooth stereo headset $10

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    Bluetooth to pc?

    I see usb bluetooth adapters for sale and I am wondering what exactly a bluetooth to pc connection will do? Will I be able to transfer files between my computer and phone? What else will I be able to do?
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    Wifi not turning off 3g?

    This is strange... Last night my wife was trying to update her cached stations on slacker radio and although connected to wifi slacker gave a notification that the data would be downloaded over 3g and an unlimited plan was recomended. The strange thing is I had full strength connection...
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    Ebay accessories...

    Has anyone ordered any accessories from ebay? There are a few I am looking at but wonder about the quality. Post a short review if you have ordered and received them...
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    Where working?

    Has anyone gotten the free version of where working yet? I have the apk but can't install because it says its already installed. I REFUSE to give ATT three bucks a month for something other carriers allow for free. I have not rooted this one yet because I wanted to make sure I wasn't going...
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    How to piss off the store AT&T store manager:

    I stopped in to the AT&T store today to pick up a pack of screen protectors. The store here is always busy and you have to sign in to get waited on. The manager approached me and I told him all I needed was a pack of screen protectors for my captivate. He asked how I liked it. While...
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    Possible Side loading without root or PC connection?

    I may be wrong here as I am new to this whole game but I think I was able to load "restricted apps" by turning airplane mode on and then turning wifi back on. I searched for and installed pdanet with no problem right from the marketplace.
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    More than one number per contact?

    I am sorry if this has been covered. I am coming from a 3g and can't figure out how to add multiple numbers for each contact. The tech @ the at&t store transfered them from my iphone for me. Only one number per contact transferred. Also is it better to store them on the sim card or phone?