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    [App] If someone steals my phone and changes the SIM

    If someone steals my phone and replaces the SIM will I be able to track them with Prey or Cerberus the same way I am able to do it with a Verizon Phone. Does Cerberus need a rooted phone to do all the things it did on the GNex?
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    Root [AT&T] How do I unlock HTC One

    How hard is it to unlock an HTC One from AT&T so I can use it when I go to Europe? Will that void my warranty? Do I have to unlock the bootlogger or gain root access to do this? Please help if you can thanks you.
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    4G at the 609

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    Dance of JOY

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    How informed is the average Android user

    Android is kind of a very confusing ecosystem. A lot of people think that all android phones are droids, when I believe, that droid is nickname for all of Motorola's phones while Samsung is Galaxy. My sister's and her husband both have Samsung S2 but their app drawers are pretty baron. Most...
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    Black Berry *sigh*

    RIM finally made the phone that I wanted them to make.......back in 2010. I was hanging out at the Verizon store a few days ago just seeing what was around. Found that they still had a respectable portion of their store dedicated to Blackberries. So I wondered over there to play with them...
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    Help WiFi Cutting off 3G in public places

    Ever since i started leaving my wifi on I been having this problem. Where if I enter a place like McD's, Starbucks or any place with public wifi my phone's wifi tries to connect and it can not. And when the WiFi doesn't connect my 3G shuts off. So basically all my wifi and 3G bars are grayed out...
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    Rules to using Nexus's Camera

    A lot of people have been hating on the Nexus's Camera quality. But apparently you have to know a little bit about taking a picture to use it correctly so I figured it will be a good time to make tips threads for this.:D So here it goes..... -The camera only takes a picture after you release...
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    Help Why

    I hear the the Note is selling well espacially in other countries besides the States. My question to you guys is why do you guys want this thing. I am an proud owner of a Nexus but I actually wish it was smaller. When I first heard of the Note I thought it was a horrid idea with for a very very...
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    Worst Apps

    Ok we already have a sticky for the best apps, but since Google doesn't do a great job at policing Google Play shouldn't we have a list of developers/apps that one should be scared off. Cause the star system doesn't do a good job of that. I will start with The Brightest Flashlight Free, which...
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    Help Leaving GPS on

    I have a couple of locater apps, Where is My Droid and Lookout. I set these up a long time ago, the thing is I usually have the GPS off to save battery life. But if I leave it off I think there locators lack the ability to turn the GPS back on. I have Tasker and on my old phone the Droid 2 I...
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    My Apps

    After downloading an app from developer named freeandroidbooks and finding that why were adware. Then finding out that the leading flashlight app, Brightest Flashlight Free, was also adware and actually did something to my phone to cause Lookout to crash and not open. I had this flashlight app...
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    Apps and Widgets Regenerate

    This happens often, but not all the time. I either get out of the lock screen or leave an app and go to the home page, and no widgets or short cuts are there then they slowly re-appear/regenerate. I go down into the App drawer and no apps are there, they are also regenerating. This big O is...