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    Help Transferring to Dinc via USB crazy slow?

    I had an LG Ally, and when I transferred to its sdcard via USB mounting, it would go anywhere from 2.5mb/s to 20mb/s, but with my Dinc, using the same card (reformatted) it goes 120kb/s! I have a feeling its due to the 2 storage mounts being present at once. Are there any known fixes to this?
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    Root New to the DINC World!

    Hey everybody, I recently upgraded from another Android phone to the Dinc, and am very pleased with my decision. Just looking to learn more, and possibly end up developing on this platform too (Graphics, don't ask for coding haha) My first question is, a few weeks ago I saw a picture of a...
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    Root General Custom Rom Request/Suggestion Center

    I have seen an over whelming, and unorganized range of ideas and suggestions for Roms, mostly crazy requests, but some very good ideas from time to time. So I have decided to make a thread to make my life easier. In this thread I want to see the community come together to help make a better...
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    [Clock App][Repost]LG Weather Clock - Sense Like

    Original Post: 4X2 FOR SENSE! Themed 3D LG Clocks by stoney 666 BAD SEED CUSTOMS!! (links up!) - xda-developers This is a pretty nice Clock Widget that was ported From another LG phone to Sense, but it works on the Ally, and looks pretty good! DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL
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    Root [Froyo]APP Safety List

    There are many apps in 2.2.1 considered Bloatware, and some that we just don't need, heres the list! These can be removed with absolutely no problems! -Amazon -Amazon Mp3 -Backup Assistant -Calendar Widget -My Verizon -Thinkfree Office -Home Selector -LG Home -SNS (Socialite) (LG Social)...
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    How To: LG Ally USB Port Fix

    This is a video I created explaining the steps on how to fix/repair the loose USB cable on your phone. This WILL void your warranty, and is highly dangerous - but if you know what you are doing then you should be fine! You will need: 1. Reading Glasses sized screw driver. 2. Mini, or very...
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    Root Theming What LG butchered: The LG Ally - NEED HELP

    Hey guys I've been working on theming and Ive hit many road blocks... Like when I decompile stock framework-res.apk with APK Manager and then compile it - I cant open Text messages, but I can view the list of people I received texts from. If I decompile any modified framework it wont get...
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    Root Cant download apks?

    So is it just me or does android block the download of any apk file and say it isn't made to download such files or am I just unlucky? I have looked all over trying to find solutions and ways around it but to no avail?
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    Root Making a custom theme myself for all!

    Hows it going everybody? I've been working in Photoshop since 2001, and now Ive been in Android for nearly a year and I figure, hey?! Why not? I have themed Windows XP, my Blackberry Curve, even my PSP 1001 Fat. Time to make it Android. If anybody has requests, or ideas - I would heavily...