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    Root Using Unrevoked For Linux

    Has anyone rooted their EVO using unrevoked for linux? I'm attempting to do so, but it's not quite working. I downloaded unrevoked 3 for linux and it started up fine. I put my Evo in debug mode and started the unrevoked process. The process seemed to start okay, and I ended up in the hboot...
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    Streaming Audio

    I'm using EStrong's File Manager and it has the ability to work over a network. I set up my Linux desktop to share my pictures and music folders. I can connect to the shares via Estrongs and view the pictures, as well as play music. However, so far I can only play 1 song at a time. Does...
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    Google Voice On Damageless

    I've been running DamageControl for a few days without too many issues. I did notice an issue today though when using Google Voice. I use it sometimes to make international calls because it pretty much acts like a low cost pre-paid phone card. I set it up to only use GV for international...
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    QuickOffice App

    Does anyone have an IPK for the QuickOffice app that came with the Sprint ROM? None of the custom ROMs seem to have it. It's a handy app for just viewing office docs and I don't really need the ability to edit docs from my phone.
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    Help Modifying HTC Scenes

    Does anyone know of a way to modify the default HTC Scenes? Whenever I make changes and try to save them, I cannot overwrite the default scenes. All I can do is create a new scene with my modifications.