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    S3 or AtrixHD

    All these phones are driving me crazy. So, looking at both of these right now and I am concerned I will make the wrong choice. LOL ATrix HD: +: On screen keys, almost a true vanilla ICS experience, Moto build quality, Moto excellent radio reception, excellent display, Hot Swappable Micro SD...
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    G Nexus- ATT version

    Is anyone using a G Nexus on ATT? If so, are you happy with it? Any info you can provide would be appreciated.
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    Share your Rezounds battery life Screenshots

    So, I was gonna see how well my rezound did with battery life this weekend. Typically on the weekend my usage is somewhat low. Calls and emails, some light browsing. I have 1 push email account. A few texts. GPS, Wi-Fi, BT on. 3G mode. That's about it. Still, I wanted to see how long I could...
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    iPhone 4s vs HTC Rezound- pros-cons?

    Hey, anyone here who owns the Rezound or thinking of the Rezound have second thoughts about the iPhone 4s? I came from the iPhone 4 to the Rezound. I had the Moto DX before the iPhone. I hated the DX. I jailbroke the iPhone. I enjoyed it, but I really disliked the screen size. So I am...
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    What browser are you using?

    I started using Opera and Dolphin HD. I really like Opera. Very fast. But, on the other hand, Dolphin allows me to use lastpass and xmarks. Only problem is xmarks for Dolphin doesn't support sub-folders. Dolphin is about the closest thing to chrome for android. The stock browser is just ok...
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    SLCD HTC Incredibles at Best Buy

    Saw on Droid Life, they are now available. Went to my local BB just now and they are in stock. Wonder how these new screens affect battery life.
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    Seidio 1750mAh HTC Incredible battery

    For sale is the Innocell 1750mAh Slim Extended Life Battery from seidio. It fits the HTC Incredible. It's rated at 1750mAh. The battery will fit in the Incredible without the need for a new back cover, hence the name slim. Asking $30 shipped. The battery is 2 months old.
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    HTC Droid Incredible

    Hello everyone. I have a like new HTC Droid Incredible ready to go. It was purchased on May 31, 2010. It is in like new condition. It comes with the VZW extended battery (2150mAh), as well as the standard battery, Wall/USB Charger and upgraded 8 GB MicroSD Card and original box. I also have the...
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    Zeam Launcher anyone?

    I saw a recommendation to try Zeam Launcher. I currently am using (as are many others) LauncherPro. Was curious, anyone else using Zeam? Very lightweight and fast. Not as many options as LP, but nonetheless a very nice option for a home replacement. Zeam Launcher - Android app on AppBrain
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    Help gmail and browser- does it not shrink to fit window?

    Can any of you experts with android explain a few items regarding gmail and the built-in browser. Why does gmail not shrink to fit on the screen of the X. I have to scroll. With the Incredible it fits the screen nicely and I can read it <- the best Why is there no "copy/paste" with gmail. <-...
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    gmail and browser- does it not shrink to fit window?