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    Help phone wonky since update

    I have been having a bunch of weird things happening since the update (did it last week). -Google play store thinks background data is off (it isn't) -Can't use speech to text -Something is running in the background phone is always hot and my extended life battery is draining in 3-4 hours...
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    Help incomming out going bug

    When I dial out, my phone starts to announce an incoming call to the number I am calling out to. When I do a regular number, it is just the first few digits, but when I dialed *611 for support it was the whole thing. It was very confusing, I hung up the first time it happened thinking that I...
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    How are people finding the reception? My last 2 g'zone phones could get pretty good reception in the house. With this one I walked in the house twice today and the call promptly dropped. Do I have a dud or is this typical?
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    g'zone commando 4g lte or RazorMAXXHD

    I am a clutz, I tend to drop my phone a lot, and if there is water, the phone will find it. That said, I need good reception. I need a phone that responds when I touch it, or when a call arrives (unlike my old Commando). I use the phone for typical purposes, as a phone, e-mail, text, gaming...
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    commando 4g lte wait for the Active or what

    My original Commando is dying quickly. Do I get the new one, wait and hope for the Active to come to Verizon (any new rumors on this?), get a MaxxHD for a touch of ruggedness? I am torn, any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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    S4 active verizon

    So it is front page news today...How do we tell Verizon that we really need this phone?
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    need something sturdy

    I have a G'zone Commando, that is rapidly dying. I am a full out Klutz, so I need something sturdy. I have been trying to decide about the Razr Maxx HD, or something else. Should I wait for the new Commando or the New Motorola? Do I get a dreaded Iphone with a Lifeproof case? If they made...
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    Help guest mode vanished

    My tablet has the known issue of icons vanishing on reset. Sony is finally acknowledging and says they are working on it. Now, I have another issue. Guest mode has vanished and that icon bar that was moved to the bottom with the last update is now back on the top. The apps that installed...
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    icons vanish on reset

    Since the upgrade last month, every time I reboot all of the icons for apps loaded on the SD card vanish from the home screens. They are still in the main list, but I have to manually put them back onto the home screens each time. Extremely frustrating and a waste of time. I have heard that I...
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    Help album art??

    I downloaded all of my pictures and accidentally clicked erase after download...anyway, all of my album covers ended up on my computer. Does anyone know what folder I need to put them in, in order for my phone to see them again. btw thank you for that driver link, it did the trick and you...
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    thoughts on cases

    Has anyone found a really good case for their commando? I had a snap-on that I liked, but I found that I lost about 1/2 a bar with it on, and in a marginal area that was too much. I broke it taking it on and off. For me a case is just scratch protection and to help me find the phone. I...
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    apps to pc as a holding tank

    I would like to be able to back-up my apps to my pc then be able to reload them back onto my phone as needed. This is easily done with itunes (the ONLY thing I like about itunes). I want this ability in order to free space on my phone, but I don't want to purge the apps. I use some apps at...
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    I wonder if I got a dud?

    I just got a Commando yesterday. I have had a few issues. The first one is that somehow it downloaded almost 500 pictures from my computer. I don't know how, wifi was off and it wasn't connected to the computer. I can not find anyway to delete these photos. The directions say to hit the menu...