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    I'm bored with my phone and ready to give Android another go. Which phone to get?

    Ok so I've had every model of iPhone and 5 Android phones so far (Sprint Hero, European Hero, N1, Incredible, and Captivate). I've had gripes with 2 of the iPhones (2g and 3G) mostly because of lack of features but I've absolutely HATED every Android phone I've owned. Not right away mind you but...
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    Which phone to get? Suggestions?

    Ok I've tried many Android phones and have owned 5 so far, all of which have left me wanting. I want to give this another go and there are even two I wouldn't mind trying again because I can put Cyanogen on them. The three I'm thinking about trying are the N1, Incredible, or wait for the...
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    Backup internal SD to external SD card? Possible?

    Ok I'm finally ready to take this phone back and I wanted to know if it was possible that I could do a complete backup or the closest thing I can do to one from my internal SD card to my external SD card? That way if I ever decide to get an Android phone again I'll have all my apps and...
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    Help Question about the email client

    Umm... my sound like a dumb question but how do I copy and paste in the stock email client? Long pressing on the message doesn't do anything and bringing up the menu doesn't have any editing features sooo... what the heck?:confused:
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    Vibrant Vs. Incredible Vs. Captivate... which would you choose?

    So I'm finally down to three phones and I need to decide. Now as I understand it AT&T doesn't allow sideloading of apps on the captivate but you can get around this by rooting your phone and the captivate and vibrant root's have been released correct? I like the vibrant/Samsung's screens aside...
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    Looking for this detailed apps thread

    Ok there used to be a thread on here that had a list of many types of apps, email clients, sms clients, web browsers etc... and it listed several apps in each category along with a barcode to each app but I can't seem to find it anymore... anyone have any ideas?
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    Which phone fits this criteria?

    Ok so I'm really really trying to get into the whole Android thing but it seems like all the flagship phones coming out lately have these crazy ugly skins over top of them which remind me of the old Windows 95 and Windows 98 days where people tried their best to make desktop shells (litestep...
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    Which Android phone should I get?

    I'm looking to get a new Android phone. I'm currently using an iPhone 4 which I love but would love to play with Froyo. I've previously had the Sprint Hero, European Hero, Nexus 1, and the Droid Incredible... I'm looking to get an Android phone that I can stick with and won't be dissatisfied...
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    Essential Apps thread?

    There used to be an essential apps thread here that had very large list and had barcodes for each app any idea what thread that was or am I thinking of a different forum?
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    Possible to link HTC SMS widget to another sms client? (chomp?)

    I love the SMS widget but I never use it because I don't like the default htc/hero sms app. I prefer chomp and sometimes handescent. Is it possible to link the sms widget to another sms app so when I tap on it, it opens another app and not the default one?
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    Best radio firmware for US (AT&T)?

    I've recently flashed my ROM following the guide here [GUIDE 16/11/09] Get started rooting Telus HERO130! (No need for QMAT!) - xda-developers and in that process it has you flash your radio. I've noticed that my radio isn't as fast as it was previously so I was wondering what the...
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    Root Possible to create goldcard and flash from a Mac?

    I'm trying to do a few things to my phone (create gold card, free it from ROM lock in, throw on a new recovery image, and flash to a new ROM) but I noticed most of the guides are for windows... Is there a way to do any or all of these things on a Mac? The guide I was looking at is here...
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    Marketplace stopped working correctly. Any ideas??!!

    Hmmm... For some reason downloads from the market has stopped working... I haven't been able to download anything from the market in the last hour... The download just sits at 'Starting Download' but never starts... I heard that you have to hack/root your phone to download market apps if you're...
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    MMS settings not working :( Anyone know the AT&T/Cingular settings?

    I can't get MMS working yet on my new Telus Hero on AT&T... 3G and HSDPA works great but no MMS... anyone know the correct settings?
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    How do I tell if I'm on 3g?

    Ok so I have it and it's on etc... but how do I know if it's on EDGE or 3G or what, what are the indicators suppose to look like
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    Google Navigation on Hero?

    Does the Hero or any of the 3rd part developer ROMS have the new Google Navigation?
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    What should I do first???!?! New Hero coming tomorrow

    Ok so my new Hero will be here tomorrow, what should I do first? I know I should probably get rid of that horrid stock ROM, but which do I get? Modaco, LoX 2.1 (Eclair) or what? What should I install? Should I erase and partition my SD card? What what what??? I'm so excited and I just can't hide...
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    Where to buy unlocked GSM Hero?

    Other than ebay, where can I get an unlocked hero? I know there's a site called 'puremobile' or 'purephones' or something... there was a site that I was on yesterday that had unlocked Hero's for $520 which is a perfect price but I can't seem to remember where that was. :(
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    Should I get an Eris or an unlocked Telus? What's the difference?

    Ok so at first I had the Sprint Hero. HATED IT WITH A PASSION. I disliked the look (looked cheap and tacky) as well as the button placement was very annoying. I love the way the original Hero looks with the chin and slick colors... Now that Telus has the Hero with the original look I have a...
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    Hello world! :)

    Ok so hi all. My name is Michael and I'm an IT project manager. I currently have and iPhone 3GS which I love but the Android OS looks like a lot of fun to play with. I recently had the Sprint Hero but HATED it because it was so laggy and slow and had a lot of bugs with the stock ROM. I'm going...