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    Help screen replacment verizon vs980

    ok... i just doped my G2 with a case on it!!! and it cracked in the bottom left corner, before i go ordering a screen online i need to know if i each models screens are interchangeable or do i need to order a specific one for the Verizon vs980 G2? :mad::hmpf::hmpf:
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    Root [Verizon] Tethering on cyanogenmod?

    I have been running cyanogenmod for some time now and know tethering works. I was just wondering is it safe to tether. I don't need to get billed. :p
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    Installing windows 7 on ASUS A55VD-NS51 laptop

    Hello, i have recently purchased an Asus A55VD-NS51 laptop and having trouble installing windows 7 on it. I installed windows 7 but after it starts to boot up i get a BSOD screen with the stop error code 0x000000A5. I have read online saying that disabling ACPI would fix this problem, but in my...
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    Root [Verizon] Difference between Google edition ROM and cyanogenmod 10.1

    I was just wondering what is the difference they look very similar. I am currently running a TW clean ROM with all the bload ware removed and wanted to try something else. I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong section!
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    Does Battery calibration app question

    Does this app just delete the battery stats file? I was just wondering.
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    How to make phone use full picture as wallpaper

    Is there anyway because I want to set a picture but all my phone does is crops the picture. :mad:
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    Charging extended battery's question

    I know that for new battery's that you should get 5 to 6 good charge cycles killing the battery to 1%. With a ZeroLemon a zerolemon after 6 charge cycles is it OK to charge the battery when its at 20%?
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    Root [Verizon] Clear battery stats with extended battery?

    I have a rooted galaxy s4 and bought a ZeroLemon 7500 mAh battery. I was wondering if clearing the battery stats would help android ready the battery percent better.
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    Looking for a laptop

    Curremtly i am looking for a laptop that is a good deal. The specs at witch i am looking for are. Processor - Intel Core i5 or i7 OS - Windows 7 Professional or higher Memory - 4GB Graphics Memory - 1 GB Hard Drive - 320 GB Display Monitor - 15.6 or 17" I really don't care about brand. :D
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    Root [Verizon] How to install ROM update?

    Currently I am running clean room 1.5 R2 on my Galaxy s4. Now version 1.6 was released how do I update to it. Do I just go in to clock work recovery and install it but do not do wipe all data like installing a new ROM? Or is it done another way? Sorry if this post is in the wrong section.
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    ZeroLemon 7500 mag battery charging question

    I got my ZeroLemon battery today and started charging around 6:30 pm and by around 8:30 pm my Gs4 said 100% but the charging light was still on so I keep charging it and now at 10:35 my Gs4 finally said full charged and stop charging is it OK to take If off charge or should I wait the 12 hours...
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    Can you tether on Verizon for free with rooted device?

    I currently have a root Samsung Galaxy S4 and wanted to know if there is any way to tether for free? If not then it is not a huge deal. :p
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    Root [Verizon] galaxy s4 rooting. need help!

    ok i have got odin to flash the pre released kernal but then after i enabled developer options i launch motochopper and usb debugging is enabled i gets to daemon started successfully and then stops :confused: anybody else have this problem?
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    Galaxy s4 7500 mAh ZeroLemon battery case qiestion?

    I currently am looking to buy the 7500 mAh battery but have a question about the case. The black is sold out right now. I have heard from people with the Gs3 white case say it gets dirty. How dirty does the white case get and should I wait for the black to be restocked I have a white Gs4.
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    Help Why cant i move Apps to Micro SD card?

    I have had my galaxy s4 for about a week and a half now and love this phone. i still have 7 GB of space left, but tutorials online that show apps could be moves to the SD card. I have a Verizon Gs4 and when i go to application manager i do not see the option to move apps to the SD for all of my...
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    Help Any way to disable group texing on Verizon Galaxy S3

    Is there any way to disable group texting? i don't mind receiving a picture message from someone but it gets annoying when i get it then get replies from everyone else who got the message. Is there any way to disable it so i do not get all the messages from others who also got the pic? :confused:
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    Root [Verizon] How lomg should I wait to root my S4

    I have had my s4 for a week and love this phone but how long should I wait to root it? Should I atleaste wait until my 30 day warranty is up? If I root it what is the easiest way?
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    Best sprint phone for $50 or less wih 2 year contract?

    My Buddie and his father have there 2 year contract up and are looking to upgrade. They asked me what its the best phone for $50 or under. I am on verizon and do not know much about sprint prices. What is the best sprint had to offer for that price range? they are not looking for the best phone...