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    Hate t-mobile, love HTC

    So my desires been faulty for a while so I decided I'd go to the t-mobile store with my dad (the account holder). Discussed the repair process with them and found out that my phones warranty was voided because I had it unlocked! They tried to tell me that me unlocking it caused it to develop a...
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    Android Froyo 2.2 officially announced!

    Android 2.2 'Froyo' beta hands-on: Flash 10.1, WiFi hotspots, and some killer benchmark scores -- Engadget
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    Insurance - do you have it?

    Is your HTC Desire covered with insurance? If so where from and how much does it cost? Can it be insured under house insurance? Thanks!
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    Google search by voice?

    Where is it because I can't find it on the market! Does anyone have it? EDIT: never mind, found it: Sorry
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    Does having GPS on kill battery (even if not used)

    If you leave GPS switched on, and don't use any GPS apps, would it consume the same battery as with it off. Becasue it only activates itself when a GPS using program is on which means it wouldn't kill the battery? Anyone tested this out?
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    Optical track pad lags

    If you use the optical track pad and move through homescreens really fast, it becomes extremely choppy on my desire. But when using the nexus one live wallpaper its totally smooth and not choppy at all. I would have thought it would be choppy with the nexus one live wallpaper and not choppy...
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    Help Charges to 90% and stops sometimes

    Sometimes I wake up, check my phone and the light is green, but the lockscreen says 90%. So I have to reconnect the charger, anyone know why this happens / does it happen to you? Thanks
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    Still no hard cases?!

    Cant seem to find any hard cases for the HTC Desire, anyone know where I can find one?
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    Helixlauncher 2

    If you want the nexus one home screen (but more customisable) with the 3d app drawer etc, download helixlauncher 2, its really good! EDIT: its on the android market: "Helixlauncher 2"
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    Help Android System eating battery?

    Go to settings > about phone > battery > battery use Write down your Android system usage % for me as I want to know what everyone elses is like, mine is between 50-60% which seems abnormally high? Its on its 2nd full charge so maybe it will improve over time.
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    No animations on the desire?

    I only find animations when moving around in application (the swipe animation) but why is there no animation for openning applications? Even my HTC Hero had animations for that! Sorry, I know - its a minor complaint ;)
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    AMOLED: Black wallpaper = Battery saved?

    With OLED, does a black or dark wallpaper mean battery life is saved? Or is it the same as LCD where any colour uses the same power. Thanks
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    Turn the Desire into the Nexus one in a few simple steps

    Found this while researching the desire, can anyone try it out and see if it works? Turn Off HTC Sense in a Few Simple Steps on the HTC Desire :
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    Disabling touchflo = nexus one home screen?

    If you go to the application section in the settings, click on touchflo and click clear defaults. Then press home. Select, "Home" over "Touchflo", do you get the nexus one style homescreen? Thanks
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    Help Sim unlocking the desire?

    I will be getting a HTC Desire locked to T-mobile, anyone know where I can get it unlocked to be used on other networks?
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    Delete old messages - Excellent app!!

    This app is the only app that I have found that deletes your messages without crashing the phone. You tell it to delete old messages (2 months, 1 month, 2 weeks etc) and it begins deleting. It starts with the oldest so you dont have to worry about losing recent texts. Also it shows you the...
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    Legend predicted contract prices?

    Anyone got a guess as to how much it'll be in the uk?
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    Clear your cache!!!

    I noticed a reduction in lag when I cleared my cache. Just go to settings, applications, manage applications. Press menu and click "sort by size" Clear the cache for your photo album and browser and any other large apps (1mb+). Also clear your call history every so often. (click phone, menu...
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    Voice input on keyboard for 2.1

    After looking at some videos on youtube for the htc legend. It appears that sense 2.1 will not have a voice input button on the htc sense keyboard. Or is the version shown at WMC not a final version of sense 2.1? (The desire seems to have it on its keyboard, but not the legend)
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    Mugen Power 1550mAh Battery

    Hello, has anyone tried the mugen power 1550mah battery? Does it make a difference to battery life and is it reliable? (its the same size as the stock hero battery) Buy Mugen Power 1550mAh Extended Replacement Battery For HTC Hero (GSM) [HLI-HEROSL] Opinions would be appreciated! Thanks.
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    Accessories Screen more responsive without case?

    I tried drawing something on my screen (fingerpainter app) with and without the case, and noticed its a bit more responsive without the case on! (flexishield) Anyone else notice this or is it all in my head? I think it may be linked to the known limitation with the hero capacitive screen...
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    How much will the Hero go for used?

    Anyone know how much the hero will sell for used? (no scratches perfect, condition, screen protector from the start) Thanks
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    Root GSM Hero 2.1 with Espresso Sense

    [DEV]GSM 2.1 w/ espresso system dump. - xda-developers I for one am very disappointed and hope this is not what the hero's new sense UI will look like! Looks much better right now! Lets hope this is a fake.. :/
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    IM with group chat?

    Are there any IM apps that allow group conversations (for msn specifically) where you can have more than one person in a conversation? Thanks
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    Screen not as responsive when on flat surface

    Its strange how when the hero is lying flat on the table, the screen is less responsive then when in your hand. The stranger thing is, if you put another finger on bar of the phone where the 4 buttons are located, it becomes perfectly responsive, and as soon as you let your other finger go, it...