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    Zenwatch 2 shut off wifi?

    How can I shut off cloud access and shut off wifi? I'm baffled. Tapping wifi just gives me a list of wifi to connect to. I want it off completely. useless waste of very tiny battery life
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    Screen Sensitivity

    Anybody else find that sometimes taps to open an item in a scrolling list (like Tapatalk version of this forum or Twitter or anything to open a thread from a list) do not work. I find about 20% of the time I have to tap a second time to get a thread to open. Can happen anywhere really...
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    Anybody get Flashplayer working in Verizon Edge 7?

    I need flashplayer with firefox for work. Anybody get it working?
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    Live Wallpaper?

    I know I am old fashioned and may be the last remaining user of live wallpaper but I love it and do not care about battery life. I noticed there is no option for live wallpaper in vzw edge 7 but that may only mean none is included. Do Playstore live wallpaper options work?
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    Accessories Note 5 transparent portrait & landscape case

    I can find transparent landscape kickstand cases. I can find colored portrait & landscape kickstand cases. I cannot find a note 5 transparent portrait and landscape kickstand case which is ideal to show off a gorgeous gold note 5. Can anybody find one for me? Thanks!
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    Help Cannot Browse in Tapatalk

    I have been a member for years and always post from within Tapatalk. I can still answer posts in timeline but I want to subscribe to Note 5 Forums so I need to select browse then pick the forum. Problem is if I choose Browse it just buffers forever and I never get to surf for newer forums to...
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    Help Gear 1

    I have a stock gear 1 with stock vzw note 3. Is there any email app other than samsung stock email that will show the body of an email on gear 1? Gmail used to but no longer does. Is there any playstore app that would allow gmail notifications with body or hotmail notifications with body or what...
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    Is Mobile Tracker version 1.0 a system app in note 3

    Could someone check for me to see if you look under apps-all if you see an app in there called mobile tracker version 1.0? Thanks.
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    Root [Verizon] Clear Cache in VZW Rooted Note 3

    My note 3 is rooted using safestrap because the bootloader is locked. Is there an app that will clear system cache? I don't mean app cache. I mean doing the same thing as going into recovery to clear cache but without the hassle of going into recovery? Thanks
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    Why Can't Android REALLY Run Excel?

    I've tried docs to go and microsoft office app. Neither can run excel with formulas with more than the simplest functions. I don't need macros but I do need functions like small, average, median, mean etc. I also need formulas that refer to cells in other worksheets. With 3 gb ram and plenty...
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    Help Safe, Secure way to forward sms to email?

    I have several wifi only phones and one verizon data enabled note 3. Is there a safe, secure way to forward sms to personal hotmail or gmail account? I know it is possible. On outlook express but do not want personal texts going to work email. I do not wish to use google phone because assigned...
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    Help PossibleTo Sync Gear 1 Watch w G3?

    Not many g3 owners yet but I'd love to buy a g3 but only if it will work with gear 1 notifications etc.
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    Help Anybody get gear 1 watch to work with g2?

    I'd like to buy a g3 but love my gear 1.
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    Will Gear 1 Work With LG G2 W/O ROOTING EITHER?

    I'd love to buy a g3 but I also love my gear 1. I figure if gear works with lg g2 it will probably work with g3.
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    Help My Verizon?

    Can anybody open their my verizon app or sign in online today?
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    Root [Verizon] Vzw update assistant

    I am rooted in safestrap with stock rom in rom slot (SDM frozen) and Hyperdrive 7 in slot 1. I am running slot 1. When I connected to my computer with usb 3 cable I noticed vzw upgrade assistant apk is shown on phone connected in media mode. Why is that there? With SDM frozen I shouldn't have...
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    Help Using a WiFi Direct Printer to Print from Note 3

    How do I use my note 3 to print to a wifi direct printer. Happens to be an HP 8600. WiFi direct is set up from the printer. Can I remain connected to another WiFi network and still use WiFi direct to the printer simultaneously? Thanks for your help.
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    Help Disable SMS Sync to Owa?

    I made the mistake of setting up sms sync to my work owa account. I desperately need to shut it off. Every sms goes to my work email owa app as well as my sms app on the phone. I went in owa and disabled email sync. Owa says it is shut off. But sms still goes to owa. I even deleted the...
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    Root [Verizon] Rooted led app

    It's no big deal but I just wondered if there is a way to get the led to work even with screen on in rooted note 3?
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    "Paid Premium Subscription" Renewal Notice Phishing?

    I got an email from this morning telling me that I needed to renew my paid premium subscription or I would be charged. I have never paid to be a member of this or any forum. What is this all about?
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    Help Underline Spelling Errors Mod

    There is a mod over at xda to underline spelling errors. It is a natural Android function samsung had to remove to please apple but it can still be turned back on and every other brand Android smartphone still has this function. My question is whether any of the roms for Verizon Note 3 have...
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    Help Office Mobile

    Is there any way to save files edited in Office mobile directly to internal sd card?
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    Help Weather live

    There is an app on the playstore I really like called Weather Live by Apalon. It has a widget and live weather wallpaper. I don't care for the widget but really like the wallpaper. The trouble is it uses 90% of RTCPU and 58% of app battery drain single handed. It only downloads weather once...
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    Help Why is Phone Radio Using More Battery than Wifi?

    Even though I have a good connection and my wifi is connected whenever I am home according to gsam my phone radio uses more battery than Wifi. I don't see why it uses any battery at all with wifi on. What's up with that?
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    Help What Happens When I Block a Phone Number?

    What does the person at the other end of a call hear when I Block incoming calls from them using stock samsung phone App? Do they get a chance to leave voice mail? Do they get a message saying they are blocked. I am a VZW subscriber if that matters. Thanks