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    Samsung and Google missed a BIG opportunity to win the tablet market

    Remember this teaser video? [SAMSUNG Mobile Unpacked 2011 - Google Episode] Teaser Video - YouTube Some things go better together. I was truly expecting the Nexus Prime to come witha tablet dock kinda like The Asus Padfone (that was announced earlier this year but has yet to come out)...
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    This is why Google/Samsung pushed back the event

    It definitely has something to do with Samsung's tablet. Remember the teaser video for the event last week was supposed to be about combination. They were supposed to showcase how ICS is a combination of tablet and phone .. .Something happened last week and they decide to drop the whole motto...
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    Any Widgets for notifications

    I 'd like to disable my notifcation tray and have a notification widget on the homescreen instead... Are there any good widgets out there.. if so share your experience with them... I want soemthing like this
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    Name the best Widgets out there..

    PRetty simple name your Best Widget.. post screenshots if you can..
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    I just got the Scoop on the HTC Incredible...

    I'm not passing this off as news.. because it's something someone posted in a forum.. .He might or might not be right.. . but he said his friend is currently testing the HTC Incredible... it's a humongous Android Phone .. a la HTC HD2 .. he said the screen was bigger than the Droid around 4.5...
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    When Will HTC Hero have good themse..

    I think that's the thing that frustrates me the most about Android... it's the lack of support for themes... why does the phone have to be rooted? true customization .. involves theming the phone as well ... and even if it's rooted only the G1 and MT3G have good theming support..
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    Which forum should i post in about...

    ... my opinion of android in general... I'm not a big fan of these separated forums... I think all inclusive forums make for better discussion... until the forums gets way too popular... I especially hate it when the rules are STRICTLY enforced to the point you dont even feel like posting...