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    Moon Chaser

    A new day, a new Tiny Wings clone :D but this one is really good YouTube - ‪Moon Chaser‬‏
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    Tiny Bee

    sry please delete. i dont saw this thread...
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    Realtech is here!!!

    Hey guys, realtech hits finally to the android market with two great games :) No Gravity: Price: 2,12
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    Strike four

    Hey Guys, here is a great 4 in a row game with bluetooth multiplayer!!!
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    Has anyone checked this great game? I love it!!!! I know it is not cheap with a price of 2,99$ but it's really worth it
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    Hungry Monster is on the way

    Hey guy, hungry monster is on the way! the game looks really funny
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    [Game] Animals on Board

    Hey guys, i found a great new game in the android market. Animals on board Here the description:
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    [Game] Chalk Ball

    Hey Guys, i've found a new great game in the android market. Chalk Ball Check it out Light version: Full Version...
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    Hey guys, i've found a great game Cordy here a video: And the best? It is for free!!!
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    Pinball Deluxe

    Hey Guys, i have found a great pinball game for free. Check it out ;)
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    AirAttack HD Lite

    Hey Guys, a new great game is in the market. AirAttack HD Lite It is simila to sky force but with much nicer graphics and the best is it is for free. Here a video:
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    Vertigo Towers

    Hey guys, i've found a great game name: Vertigo Towers It is a nice tower build game with nice graphics and really good physics :) Here a few screenshots: And the game has a "match 3" modus integrated :) The full version costs: 1,45
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    TileStorm HD

    Hey Guys, i've found a great puzzle game with beautiful graphics. Here a video: It makes really fun, try the demo version and then buy :D ;) Here the market link:
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    Pes 2011

    PES 2011 is now finally out The game runs great on my nexus s I think it is much better then real football and FIFA Price: $6.84
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    [Game] Finger Physics

    Finger Physics ist out!!! for a minimal price (80Cent) you become 180 levels It ist a great puzzle game!!! Look at this: Give it a try :)
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    Hey Guys i've found today a great game in the android market. Name: Ink Ball Cost: 1,99$ The Game is really funny. Give it a try :D
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    Assembler Mobile 2

    Hey guys, i've found a new game. The name is Assembler Mobile 2 its a physics puzzle game.
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    Hello from Germany

    Hello My real name is Sebastian and i am from Stuttgart in Germany. I have a Nexus One and i love Android ^^ hope we have a good time here greetings Wingnut