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    Camera storage settings?

    Hi; How do I change the settings so the camera stores pics on the SD Card? I have tried left swipe, but no setting there. Tried going into settings/app/camera and cannot change storage setting there either. It should be simple/obvious, but I can not find it.
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    Help Bluetooth using too much power?

    My bluetooth is using way more power since upgrading 6.0.1 It uses 30% of power. over twice as much as anything else. It never use to, it was at most 10%. The way I use it has not changed.
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    Battery questions?

    Hi, I just bought a used tab 4 10.1". How long should a full charge take? From no charge it takes 8hrs to get to 70% on ac. Also how long should a charge last? I get about 3 days in standby, no use. I get about 4 hrs of internet (no video) Location, bluetooth disabled. Debating whether to...
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    Help Notification light not working

    I received an update a few days ago. since the update the notification light no longer works. I have checked the settings, which are fine, tried rebooting, still nothing. Ver 6.0 , security patch to jan 1/16 Is there a fix?? How do I get light back? TIA
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    Google Maps Storage?

    Is there a way to change where Google Maps stores the offline maps? I would like to store them on the SD card(sdcard1).
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    Help GPS only? android 5.0.2

    Is there a setting somewhere for GPS only? Location seems to turn everything on. Is there a program that will? Android 5.0.2 Moto G2 TIA
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    Help Moving apps to sdcard1??

    I seem to be doing something wrong. I have my G2 apps set to sdcard, but they are on the internal sdcard not the external card with all the storage space available. How do I move the apps to the external sdcard? I am out of space on internal card with maps, etc. TIA
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    How to move music to sdcard?

    How do I move music to sdcard and make it default music folder?
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    Help Signal strenght turns yellow?

    Hi; Why does my signal strength sometimes turn yellow. My WiFi also some times does this. Is this normal? Is it a problem?
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    Help google earth font size

    Is there a way to increase the font size in google earth?
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    Help What google apps and bloatware safe to remove?

    What google apps and bloatware safe to remove? How? Without rooting please. This is on a factory unlocked moto g2.
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    Help Lock screen time?

    Is there a way to increase the time interval before the screen lock is activated? Tried suggestion in another post but it is for a different ph. w different menu. TIA
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    Help How do you remove/disable the google voice(?) bar

    I have a bunch of questions, but will post 1 at a time for better search results How do you remove/disable the google voice(?) bar at the top of the screen? Possibly called something else. It is the white bar with Google and a mic icon. I do not want to root the phone as it is new. TIA
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    Safe App list? No unnecesary permisions etc.

    Is there a list somewhere for apps that have been tested/reviewed for apps that do not ask for unnecessary permissions or adds? I notice some apps ie; basic card games want access to SMS, email , internet, contacts, sd card even phone calls.. This is ridiculous. I understand some apps do require...
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    Where can noobs post basic questions?

    Where can noobs post basic questions? I know each manufacturer has different ways of doing things and not everyone knows there way around android. I dont want to ask a ton of basic questions and seem like I am not using this forum properly. Links would be helpful. TIA
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    How much ram does the g 2014 have ? can not find it in the specs. TIA
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    Help Screen Cap help

    Hi; I have tried 5 different screen capture utilities and always get the following I have a D3 flashed to Bell Milestone. Does anyone know of a screen cap that works or how to fix this. I am having a contacts problem and need to show a screen cap for explanation.
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    Root Minimoto V1.7 xt860 questions/help please

    Hi; I installed minimoto 1.7 xt860 in slot 3 using safestrap3.05. Minimoto opens but it will not recognize my sim card. Is minimoto xt860 not based on Bell's Milestone? Is there a way to get it to recognize sim? I am using a carrier that uses network. Failing that what is the proper way...
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    Root Safeswap 3.05 menu help please.

    Hi; I have Safeswap 3.05 installed with 2 Rom slots. I can not get to the Menu on start up to change between roms or stock. I have tried the suggestions on other threads with no luck. Pressing the menu button during bootup. Waiting until the screen dims slightly before hitting menu button...
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    Root MiniMoto Keyboard?

    Hi; Slowly getting my d3 working again. Installed Minimoto v1.7 with safestrap 3.05. It does not appear to have a keyboard. What is a good keyboard to install that will work on a D3. Standard qwerty please. Looked at some in google play but they are "This app is incompatible with your device."...
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    Help Killed battery while rebooting after safestrap

    Hi, I was having problems with safestrap ver1, when trying to disable it, it killed my battery. When I plug in usb I get a small light by usb port, but it does not seem to take a charge. A couple times it started to power on, but it is stuck in safestrap and dies in less than a minute. Help...
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    Root MMS help Please.

    Hi; I have a unlocked Verizon Droid3 on PCMobile account in Canada. I can not receive mms messages. PCMobile tech says everything on their end is fine. Message is being sent to phone. I can connect and browse the web, recieve regular text etc.. When someone sends me an mms message i get 2...
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    Help MMS Apn

    Hi; Probably been answered but search will not recognize because mms apn is only 3 characters. Where do I find the settings for mms apn? I am on prepaid (pcmobile) with no data plan. I have been sent an sms with address card/ info attached, but can not get to it. When I hit download it says...
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    Best Radio?

    Hi; What Phone has the best radio (I don't mean am/fm)? I live in rocky mountains and cell reception is sketchy in many areas. I would like my next ph. to have best coverage possible. TIA
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    How do I stop updates

    Hi; I had updates set to manual. I updated something that switched something that allows auto-updates. I have Play store set to "do not auto-update" Apps are still auto updating. How do I get this to stop?