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    Handcent sms permissions?

    I was looking to install handcent sms on my phone and noticed that it needed a ton of permissions! it makes me feel a little uneasy how much access i have to grant it. why does it need so many when it just reads and send texts?
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    Help Double Screen Lock?

    After updating, my screen has the slider lock now on top of pattern lock. is there a way to disable this? its getting annoying.
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    Multi Touch during landscape and Swype During Portrait?

    i love swype and use it most of the time. Sometimes when I email I want to use the multi touch keyboard though. Is there an app or someway to have it change input modes according to the orientation of the phone? Thanks!
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    Help Phone Froze For The First Time =\

    just ended a call. phone froze up. i could see a dim image of the screen but nothing was happening. tried power button etc for 5 minutes. had to pull battery out. pulled tab off when i first got phone so i had to resort to my knife. cut the battery a little bit getting it out. feels bad man...
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    Phone Froze For The First Time =\

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    Astrid Help - Remind Before Task is Due?

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    Help Astrid Help - Remind Before Task is Due?

    There is the option to remind when the task is due and when it is over due. is there anyway to remind me "x" hours before the task is due? Thanks!
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    Astrid Help - Remind Before Task is Due?

    There is the option to remind when the task is due and when it is over due. is there anyway to remind me "x" hours before the task is due? Thanks!
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    Help Help With Email Syncing

    This is my first phone and I would like to sync my school email with my phone. Now right now I use Thunderbird for all of my email accounts. Is there a way to sync it so that when I send an email from my phone that it goes to my thunderbird send folder? also. i just had my email...
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    Help With Email Syncing

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    What Systems Monitoring App Do You Use?

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    Help What Systems Monitoring App Do You Use?

    This has been discussed before but I can't find the thread. What app do you use to monitor cpu, memory, batt temp? I'm looking for an app that will have a widget to display all of this. Thanks!
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    Shortcut To Keep Screen On?

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    Help Shortcut To Keep Screen On?

    Sometimes I want to keep my phones screen on until I turn it off (ex, when im using a stop watch app). Is there a way to create a shortcut on my homescreen that will turn off screen auto close?
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    Question For Astrid Users

    For those of you that sync astrid with RTM. Is there a way to move tasks into different RTM folders in astrid. I can't seem to figure it out =\
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    Help Launcher Pro Custom Icons Keep Changing back?

    I change the launcher icons and they revert back after a day or so for some reason. Its only the phone, text and web launch icons though. anyone having this problem?
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    Everyone phone i see now looks really small

    after having the X for a couple weeks. every phone that i see now looks so small and i think "how do they get stuff done on this tiny screen". i love the x
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    Help Possible to have skype on portrait mode and multi touch on landscape?

    Is it possible to have it so i have swype when the phone is in portrait mode and have multi touch when it is in landscape? it's hard to swype on landscape so multi touch would be awesome. Thanks!
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    launcher pro icon packs?

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    Help launcher pro icon packs?

    I've been looking around for nice icon packs for launcher pro and can't seem to find any. i feel like it should be relatively easy to find them but i can't seem to =\ where could i find some? edit. found a butt load on deviant art.
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    Help Hidden Permission Access?

    I've been closely watching what i install and what permissions they ask for. I installed "Diet & Food Tracker" by Spark People. On the app market it said that it only needed internet access. When I looked under manage applications it said the permissions were internet access read phone...
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    Help how do you back up your phone?

    i've been putting a lot of time and effort into whats in my phone. how do you guys back it up so that you are able to restore it if need be?
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    is it possible to burn the screen out?

    is it possibly to burn out the screen? I recently downloaded the droid fit app and i find myself turning the screen on and off between each set in order to record my lifts. so a typical workout would mean turning the screen on and off 30-40 times in an hour or so plus the amount of times i turn...
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    i get frustrated and feel like an idiot when typing....

    i've used swype since i received my phone and i tried out the multi touch keyboard today just to see how it was like and dear god.... my pecking left me with a sentence of gibberish. thank god for swype. i can't imagine going back... :D